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gapwedge 12-20-08 07:42 AM

Going to be a first time grandpa!!!!
As if I need extra incentive to get on my bike and ride my son informed me this week that he and his bride are going to have a baby. Getting healthier was one of my goals for riding, now I have additional goals.

jesspal 12-20-08 07:45 AM

Wow, congratulations i'm sure that will be an incredible experience.

aenlaasu 12-20-08 09:19 AM

Congratulations!! Now get on that bike so you'll be around for your great grandchild. :thumb:

dcrowell 12-20-08 10:59 AM


I will hopefully have a few more years before this comes up for me. My daughters are 17 and 19. When it does, I'll be sure that "bike rides with grandpa" are a regular thing. :)

vXhanz 12-20-08 12:43 PM


gapwedge 12-20-08 01:51 PM

Thanks guys. Yeah, I want to be the grandpa that takes the grandkids for bike rides. I will be 56 by then and hopefully reaching my goal first goal of 200 with a stretch goal of 190.

</intolerance> 12-20-08 06:53 PM

Time to get one of those child trailers until they are old enough to ride their own.

cyclokitty 12-20-08 06:57 PM

Congrats on your first grandchild! I bet you two will have loads of fun bike riding in the future!

dbikingman 12-20-08 08:28 PM

Would buying a bike for "it" for Christmas be too much?

Neil_B 12-21-08 07:16 AM


txvintage 12-21-08 07:36 AM

Congrats! I hope to be a few years down the road on grand kids as well, but I know it will ne cool!

Tom Stormcrowe 12-21-08 10:47 AM

gapwedge, you now get to spoil the grandkid and send him or her home when he/she gets old enough. :p

Welcome to Grampa's Revenge. ;)

10 Wheels 12-21-08 10:55 AM


When my Grandson was just 3 weeks old, my daughter brought Him by the house and said. Watch him while I go shopping !
I watched him sleep for three hours.

gapwedge 12-21-08 04:09 PM

Yes, there will be a tike bike ready and waiting. And spoil? Sooooo looking forward to that. First things first. I am more determined than ever to get myself in shape. I want to be around a long time and maybe be the one to buy my grandchild their first road bike.:love:

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