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JoelS 12-20-08 06:15 PM

Today's Ride
Ok, I don't like riding in the cold. I don't have enough or the right kind of clothes. It was a balmy 45 degrees today, and windy, but sunny. I set out to do one of my regular routes, but repeat the hill a few times. I got to the top and was still cold. At that point I decided to just finish the route and go home.

Here's a picture of the hill. It's known locally as the Col d'Costco. It's a little over 1/2 mile long and a good 9-10% grade. Today my Garmin showed a 12% peak, but I think that was wrong.

Missbumble 12-20-08 10:49 PM

Woo Hoo go Joel Go!

billydonn 12-22-08 12:54 PM

Col d'Costco... I love it! I think I would need the granny gear for that one.

Mr. Beanz 12-22-08 01:10 PM

Nice road! Does look a lil chilly!:D

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