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Missbumble 12-21-08 08:52 PM

Clydesdales / Athenas Biggest Loser Week 13 12/22 - 12/28
Biggest Loser Week Thirteen:Jump:
Total Pounds lost as of week 12 weigh in: 187.9!

Week 13! Time for a new week.....Come on in and post your goals for the week.

New? Come join us! .... We weigh in on Mondays and post our goals and often come back here and check in!!

Post your weight loss for last week on last week's thread - and post your goals for this week on this thread!

Personalize your goals and come on in and report back against them, too. How is it going???

Weight Loss for Week 1 thru 11 will be posted at:

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JoelS 12-22-08 09:37 AM

The weather is really bad here this week. Looks like rain for at least the next 10 days. I am just not going to ride in that. So...

3 trainer rides this week. Each for as long as I can stand it. I'm going to shoot for 2 hours today, or an entire Giro d'Italia DVD (3 came in the set). I think it should be a little short of 2 hours. Today I'd like to watch disc 2 and Wed disc 3.

Gotta drink more water. And continue to manage portions.

Most importantly, I'm going to really enjoy kid time on Christmas morning!

TechKnowGN 12-22-08 10:09 AM

Going to try to lose 3 lbs this week.

wandalynn 12-22-08 01:04 PM

Goals for Lucky week 13

1) Keep wt. under 165. My original goal was to keep under 166 for the holidays but since I dipped below 165 I'll aim to stay there.

2) Attempt a 40 mile ride. I'm going to do the Mt. Lemmon rt (18 ish) do a break at home and then go for the snake bridge, expecting to turn around near the 10 mile mark. The bridge is 15 miles from home. Attempt is the operative word in this goal, btw. :p

3) Do 2 or 3 exercise videos with hand wts. I've had 3 as my goal for the past two weeks and have only managed to do 2.

Gordo Grande 12-22-08 05:46 PM

246. Down 1 lb. from last week, up 2 lbs. from two weeks ago. The weather has sucked in L.A. and it has rained on my last four days off. I'm hoping to get a 40 miler in tomorrow and take that next pount or two off. At least I'm surviving the holidays without gaining a lot.

Fantasminha 12-22-08 08:39 PM

Starting weight: 218.6
Don't gain. Don't have the slightest idea how I will accomplish that this week. :innocent:

VA_Esquire 12-23-08 03:51 PM

Sorry I havent been on lately, with my college screwing me over, my job giving me more hours, and my computer finally saying capute....Not much time to be online. I weighed myself today and I am only 1 pound away from my first goal of 200 lb. and then onto the next goal....185!

Ride 15 miles in the morning
At night jump on the trainer (in front of the TV, lol) and ride for a complete show
hit the gym for upper body strength (where most of my fat is located)
stop eating after 6:30 and get to bed by 11pm.

Fantasminha 12-29-08 09:30 AM

215.6. Not even sure how that was possible the week of Christmas! That's 3 lbs! More than I've ever lost in a week. Maybe it was all that sleep. :thumb:

JoelS 12-29-08 09:42 AM

I did a pretty good job on my goals this week. Weigh in at 147.

JoeMetal 12-29-08 03:40 PM

I'm away from my scale while I'm home for the holidays. I'll be back weighing in (hopefully with a lower weight!) next Monday. :)

wandalynn 12-30-08 05:56 PM

Week 13 check in:

164.00 lbs. Down a little and that's ok!

2 rides of 20 and a few miles. Didn't go for the 40 in my goal but since 20+20 = 40 it's close enough!

2 exercise videos with weights.

TrekDen 12-30-08 06:00 PM

Up 2 lbs.

168 currently

166 previously

Missbumble 12-31-08 06:24 PM

OK -SO yes I did weight in this week - a tad late and a ton high! OH dear -188. Next year I will get back on track!! I am definitely not the Biggest Loser! But I have lost a lot this year and am happy where I am. Just need to stop eating the goodies - and get back on track. So I will most liekly have a great week 1 of the 2009 Biggest Loser Thread!

Missbumble 01-04-09 03:25 PM

OK GUYS_ This is it! The last week for our 2008 Biggest Loser - so be sure and come on in and post your ending weight on Monday!!

What still not skinny minny? or where you want to either! But alas we can do this again - see the New Biggest Loser Threads starting on Monday 1/5/2009. We will continue our quest!

Let me know if you are joining us because i only have a bunch so far....
So for 2009 we have the following people - or at least these are the ones that voted.

DorsalPhin, Firedog, JoelS, JoeMetal, luxroadie, MichaelL, peter584, rayfrady, Redskin8006, theone29, VA_Esquire

We are a gentle crowd - all we ask is you weigh in once a week - and state some goals for the week - sometimes mine are real gentle - lose 1 pound.. and get off my butt! You'll see - ok....

Look for the new post - and don't eat tonight so you can have a great final 08 weigh in. Personally I have not done so well lately (but stilll not up too badly!) So I am happy with that. I have loved being with y'all riding, posting, riding and hopping on the treadmill. I am hoping in 09 I shed another 40 pounds...though I am pretty happy where I am thanks to this new way of life...and am having an awesome time riding my bike!


TechKnowGN 01-05-09 01:35 PM

I am joining. I went up during biggest loser 2008, due to what I can surmise has been my continual illness over the past 10 days. I dont care, i know its temporary and I am ready to kick butt today on the treadmill and later this week on the bike.

Missbumble 01-05-09 01:43 PM

Hey gang _ don't forget to post your final weight on this thread!!!

TechKnowGN 01-05-09 01:58 PM


spacerconrad 01-05-09 02:48 PM

My scale doesn't go high enough. Last I looked, on an airport baggage scale, I was 320 or so. That was a few months ago, and I feel fatter, if anything. I guess I oughta join, though I'll have to upgrade my scale.

JoeMetal 01-05-09 02:53 PM


wandalynn 01-05-09 05:09 PM


TrekDen 01-05-09 08:29 PM

Final weigh in 171 lbs.

Back above 170, blaaaah!! Oh well, at least the hoidays are thru. Time to get back to work.


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