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djnzlab1 12-24-08 09:07 PM

Little pain in the hip
I have been really improving over the past few months,( riding since july) I have been gradually seeing speed improvements and indurance.
Here's my question, I have some hip pain, it feels like a ligament when I first stand after sitting, it usually eases off after about 12 hours. I ve also had some cramping pain in the R Glutes occasionally while ridding that is releaved by standing on the pedals possiably circulation?
I believe this is more of that getting used to ridding and growing new muscles.
I have moved the seat forward and down a bit recently trying to spare my hands from numbing.
My bike seems to fit OK i may be mashing a little to hard on cold days with the large ring..:rolleyes:
I Guess I am asking if there's something common to this type of problem IE seat/ position..

10 Wheels 12-24-08 09:10 PM

Stand up every ten minutes. Get in a high gear, see how long you can pedal.
Sit back down when you get tired.
Mashing hard going up hills hurts my back.

10 Wheels 12-24-08 09:12 PM

Took me about 2000 miles to get strong.
10,000 miles to get awesome strong.

cyclefreaksix 12-24-08 10:46 PM

Bursitis is the most common cause of hip pain, especially so with repetitive motions/movements. Ice and nsaids (non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs: aspirin, ibuprofen, motrin, etc) work best. If I have a long ride coming up I'll take 800mg's of Motrin prior to the ride. After the ride I'll ice down any aches and pains and repeat the Motrin prior to bed.

You are right in that you are probably experiencing growing pains as your body acclimates to more and longer periods of strenous activity. Stretching and strengthening will help the affected area as well.

However...I ain't no Doctor. I am, however a nurse with a bad back. I hooked up with a physical therapist to learn how best to stretch and strengthen some of my weaker areas that cycling was irritating. I still get sore, but I don't experience the pain that I was putting up with and had become intolerable. Please take the above advise with a grain of salt, and possibly go see your doctor just to be safe.

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