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Herbie53 12-25-08 10:35 AM

Christmas Photos
Jake the Christmas dog...

oh, yea almost forgot to post something about cycling... I got an E3 Curve carbon bar... very cooool.

1bluetrek 12-27-08 11:50 AM

How do you keep your floor that clean on Christmas? We still havent recovered!

Neil_B 12-27-08 11:56 AM

I haven't had the nerve to photograph him, but this Christmas Eddie the Beagle received a fur weasel squeak toy - with no stuffing! This frustrates him to no end since he can't rip the stuffing out of his weasel as he can, for instance, his beaver or other toys.

jesspal 12-27-08 03:23 PM

Man when my dogs rip out the stuffing it makes me crazy lol. There is stuffing everywhere, under couch, tv, tables. I bought them a nice big fluffy pillow to lay on, because they actually do like the dog bed. First day i got it home, the one dog decides to rip it open and a large pillow full of stuffing everywhere. I thought it was only my dogs

Herbie53 12-27-08 05:20 PM

Jake has a collection of toys lacking various parts and none have stuffing. Some came with stuffing others did not. Some used to be things that were mine, now they're his (he really likes neopreme riding booties and anything with fresh sweat on it).

He definitely missed the clyde gene. He's almost 8 now, 60lbs (really skinny for a lab) and still can jump above my shoulders (I'm 6'4") -- although he does it a little less often now.

On a related dog topic, we went to see Marley and me last night. I'd read the book, so knew the end, but still cried like a baby. We came home and hugged Jake.

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