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flip18436572 01-01-09 11:46 AM

2009 Splash-N-Dash
I know this isn't bike related, but it is helpful for me and others that might be looking at triathlon things.

I coordinated a small event for the start of 2009 at our YMCA and had a good time, considering I wasn't able to participate by being warmed up and ready to go. I was doing everything except that, trying to make the event go better for everyone else involved.

We swam 200 yards and then ran for two miles. This was a timed event, but no prizes were handed out and we didn't do much else. It was nice to see some people do a great swim time, but then the outdoor run was a little different.

I learned that I pushed to hard on the swim and getting out of the pool, because I didn't have perfect balance going into the locker room.

If you are interested in triathlons, look for a fun event to get started with. I learned little things, by asking other people who do other events. We had an ironman triathlete with us today and she had a great time. Other people who were competitive liked that it was a fun event, but they could also do their own time work.

Try it, you may like it.

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