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ttibby 03-26-09 10:07 PM

What are the most frequent mech mishaps for the over 300 crowd?
Fisrt off, I'd like to appologize for concentrating my posts on the 300 crowd, but I kinda need to know stuff that people like me go through.

So, what I am asking is... what goes wrong with your bikes most often? Breaking seat posts, bending pedals, crushing wheels. I would just like to know what to be prepared for!



RI_Swamp_Yankee 03-26-09 10:29 PM

Wheels, then pedals, followed by bars.

But, really, it's all down to riding style. You can buy nuke-proof BMX platform peds, and need never worry again, and Nitto and Velo Orange bars can usually take more than even the clydsiest of clydes can dish out.

Wheels, tho, they go out of true even if you look at them hard. The mantra for the clyde should be "Shift early, shift often, mash never!"

Yes, once we tons-o-funs get up off the saddle to stand on the pedals, we can beat Lance Armstrong and more than a few Top Fuel Funnycar drag-racers in the 0-25mph bracket, but the cost will be pringled rear wheels, busted chains, munged cogs and bent pedals.

Shift like you mean it, stay on the seat and steer clear of pot-holes and curbs, and your wheels will love you back.

BearsysRevenge 03-26-09 10:41 PM

My first bike was a crappy 20 dollar one from Craigslist, the first thing that went wrong for me was the seat post. It became unlatched, slid down and got jammed in place, I couldn't sit comfortably anymore.

Other than that I've had a problem with bent spokes sort of.

Jerry in So IL 03-26-09 11:06 PM

Getting a holder for the beer and brats!


RayB 03-26-09 11:17 PM

When i was over 300 it was pedals. Sooo many. I hate that creaking noise. Then wheels and maybe an odd one but bartape. I always seemed to lean in an odd way on the bars causing the tape to go all wacky. Maybe I just suck at wrapping them. But, it even happened when I had the LBS do it. :D

chunkyd 03-26-09 11:30 PM

I'm still well over 300 and it used to be the factory wheels/spokes until i upgraded to the DeepV in the Rear and now it's been seemingly bomb proof

My shifting alignment seems to come out of wack too.. need to figure out how to fix that.. but i just assumed its because i have the entry level shimano components (2200).

schnee 03-27-09 02:04 AM

When I was 280 I taco'ed a set of wheels, broke cranks, and bent the rails on a few saddles.

Mazama 03-27-09 02:52 AM

I broke a seatpost once, but it was a cheap one. It lasted for over 2,000 miles though. I have used a Thomson seatpost ever since with no problems.

I have busted a couple of seat rails and cracked the plastic on the underside of one seat.

Popped a spoke, but only after 2,000 miles or so.

ttibby 03-27-09 04:14 AM

Thanks for all the info guys. I can't wait to get that first ride under my belt.


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