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Ebay(mostly) road bike build

Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

Ebay(mostly) road bike build

Old 03-28-09, 12:34 AM
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Ebay(mostly) road bike build

So I decided to build me up a road bike almost exclusively from the internet (Ebay, CL, etc...). There are a few reasons for this:

1) Being a Clyde (6'6", 250lbs) I've never been really impressed by stock bike equipment, especially in a price range that I can afford ($700-$1300ish).
2) I've never really had a bike that has fit me well. My current steed that I've had for 10 years has been a 1998 Klein Attitude hardtail mountain bike (size XL...about a 21.5 I think). Love the bike, but it's just too darn tiny for road riding.
3) I've always wanted to do it. I figure I will learn a lot.
4) I'll get a completely custom bike built how I want it, and built for my weight. I might even be able do it cheaper than I could going out and buying a fully assembled bike. Or at least break even...

So, here's the list of parts so far (all prices include shipping):

Frame: NOS 2007 Fuji Roubaix LTD w/fork $300 Ebay
Crankset: NOS Shimano FC-R700 compact 34/50 $170 Performance
Seatpost: new Thomson Elite 27.2X410mm $80 Ebay (not a real savings, but whateva)
Ultegra new BB-6600 bottom bracket $32 w/shell facing and install REI (dividend!)
FSA OS 115 10 deg stem, new take-off $5 REI (helps to know the shop manager)
Ultegra ST-6603 STI brifters, new $170 Ebay

So, I've still got a way to go, but It's getting there. I think the wheelset is going to be an area where I'm not going to skimp on price, unless some amazing deal come along. Thinking about a Velocity Dyad 36 w/White Industries in the rear, Dyad 32 w/White Industries up front. DT 14/15 spokes with brass nipples all around. Not cheap or super light, but strong as hell

So there you go. I have roughly $840 invested so far. I figure I have about another 400-600 dollhairs to go. That may sound like a lot, but I'm going to end up with an bike set up exactly how I want it, and build to withstand a clyde to boot. Plus, the experience is priceless...at least that's what I keep telling myself

I'll keep ya'll updated.


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Old 03-28-09, 07:21 AM
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I just got this wheelset from Performance. Seems to be a pretty good price, and they were pretty true and well tensioned right out of the box. Toss in an EBay cassette for like 60 bucks and throw on a pair of Gatorskins and you should be ready to roll.

I'm leaning toward building my next bike the same way. Have fun with it!
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Been there, still building! Actually, I built up my road bike from an ebay frame and parts from other bikes and I'm replacing those used parts as time goes by. Works for me!

Have fun with your build.
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Old 03-28-09, 12:23 PM
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I'm in the same process right now. I'm down to my last part (one of my shifters wasn't working right). But, unlike yourself, I'm having most of the work done by my local shop. Should run about $100 to have it assembled (drive train, cables, etc.) when its all said and done.

So as not to completely high jack your thread, I'll post my one a different thread when its done in the next week.
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Old 03-28-09, 02:41 PM
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Excellent. I just did the same thing on my Trek 7300. I got all the parts, minus the frame, for around $250 and had the frame faced for $25. Took me about 4 or 5 hours to put everything together. Was really glad I did this as I will never buy a new complete bike again, from now on, I will just buy a frame and go from there. Amazing how easy it really was.
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Originally Posted by AEO
you should learn to embrace change, and mock it's failings every step of the way.

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I've never priced it out, but I always figured it would be more costly to custom build a bike. Provided you didn't already have many of the used parts. I will have to keep an eye on how things workout for you guys. I've wanted to build up a bike for the experience and from used parts to save expense, but I don't think I could get a better bike for less then what I paid.
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Old 03-28-09, 08:07 PM
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Based on the frame cost, and if your in no hurry, you can find some excellent deals by taking your time. I got a LX Crank fairly cheap, however, if I had waited two more days, I would have been able to get the same model NOS crank off the for sale forum for $25.00 and would have saved $40.00. The most expensive part I paid for was the crank, but everything else was under $30.00. My Trek is all LX level except for the Derailleurs, they are both XT, I got an NOS XT rear for $28.00 off ebay, that was one of my best steals.
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Originally Posted by AEO
you should learn to embrace change, and mock it's failings every step of the way.

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For Christmas I got to rebuild my Merlin Agilis. I was able everything from Ebay. I got new brifters, derailleurs, chain and cassette. I got all Dura-Ace 10 speed and now my bike is as good as new. I built most of it up but I have the shop make sure that it was done right. I also ended up buying a new set of cranks and bottom bracket.

I put all my old stuff on a bike that I was building for my son. We got the Cannondale frame at a swap meet. We bought a few other items at the swap meet spending a total of $310 to get him a complete bike.
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+ one billion for ebay

i picked up a 09' force group for right around wholesale. factor in local tax vs their shipping cost and it was a wash. ebay is pretty spiffy in my book.

it boggles the mind what you can get on ebay, for essentially nothing. it boggles my mind how relatively cheap, you can piece together a really nice bike. it boggles my mind what kind of deals you can find on sweet complete bikes on ebay. its good my condo is small, or id have 20 bikes; with the onset of cf, ti and alu, older steel bikes that are works of art, are a dime a dozen.

good luck on your build, op.

edit: yeah, my bad. dont limit yourself to ebay. i found a couple gems on craigslist too.

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I do this often. DOn't just limit yourself to eBay, however. Your local Craigs List, the for sale forum (if you are quick), the for trade froum (most will trade for $$$), and friends are a great sources for parts.

Patience is your friend and urgency is your downfall when doing this though. There are deals to be had but you have to keep patient for them to pop up. The other side of the equation is you begin to recognize bargains and can end up with parts you don't really need, but they are handy for trades.
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