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Stickney 04-23-09 09:29 AM

Possible New Clyde Rim
Saw these posted on the Road Forum:

From VelocityUSA:
B43 Rim
"The B43 AKA the Brisbane43, at 43mm deep, triple walled, and in drillings up to a 48h the B43 is the ultimate rim for tricking, and bike polo. If you're looking for stiffness, rigidness, pure strength, and the bling that goes with it, roll these on your whip. "

Chukker Rim
"We saw what people were using our original Deep V for, and asked them how they would make it even better. One thing we heard from the tricksters, and bike polo crowd was they wanted something a little wider. We had something in our arsenal already that would be just what people wanted, known originally as the Deep V ATB, the newly re-released Chukker has people talking. Itís everything great you expect from a Velocity rim. Itís got strength, durability, and can be used in a number of applications. It was once used more for the mountain bike crowd and would still be a great MTB rim, but it is now being rolled in a 700c size where it can be used for larger, stronger riders, in the tandem market, as well as someone looking to just be able to put their bike through its everyday punishment. The Chukker will make for the perfect bike polo rim, as well as a 700c tricking rim. You now will get all the benefits of the Deep V, with the added benefit of being able to roll a larger, wider tire. "

Any engineers out there or wheel builders who might offer an opinion on if these would offer some value to clydes/athenas, beyond the tried and true Deep Vs, Open Pros, etc?

Just curious.

CliftonGK1 04-23-09 10:13 AM

1/8 Inch is going to start offerring a polo wheel which looks similar to the Velocity B43. Might be a re-badged B43 rim built up to their specs:

43mm deep section triple wall rim on 48h hubs IIRC. I think it's called the Julian. It's mentioned in a thread over on the SS/FG forum.

jaxgtr 04-23-09 10:15 PM

I was looking for new rims for my Trek and was looking at the Aerohead as it is a little wider, but the Chukker is just a wider Deep V, that even weighs a little less. I think they would make great hybrid, touring or cross wheels.

Stickney 04-24-09 12:29 PM

Yeah, the more I look at the Chukker, the more I wonder if that may be a good option for a variety of applications. The B43 doesn't appear to come with a machined braking surface, but if you built it up for a disc brake application that would be interesting.

I wonder what the price point will be, some of the other rims of this sort start to get up to $80, which would be a bit of a premium over a $55 Deep V.

Supposedly available in May . . .

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