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takingcontrol 05-14-09 09:54 PM

Ughhh, I just did my first spinning class today..... I thought I was going to die lol. (and it was a beginner class). List the things that were numb.....feet.....butt.....other waist areas....hands. I completed it 45min constantly spinning. I found that I was to unstable to stand in the pedals and pump so I had to do that part sitting. Thank god the class is only once a week :innocent: -cheers

Tom Stormcrowe 05-14-09 10:15 PM

As you get stronger, you'll be able to stand the pedals and feel secure. You might want to add some core exercises to your routine as well to strengthen your core. It's very important for your balance, anyway, and will also accelerate your fitness gain.

Here's one set of easy starter exercises:

And here are some more advanced exercises for a little later:

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