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AnnaMossity 05-16-09 01:03 AM

New Clyde with wheel question
Oi, so I am a proud new member of the Clydesdale club and I'm skinny but I still weigh lots so W/E to the haters.

Anyways I wonder if you guys think I'll have problems with my current touring bike wheelset. It's got a 36 spoke front wheel on Velocity hubs Dyad 700c rims and DT 2mm straight gauge spokes ditto for the rear but with 40 holes. I weigh 205 now but have been gaining about 5-7 lbs a week for several weeks now (through weight training and eating like a horse). I don't want to stop weight training until I reach at least 260lbs though and may shoot for 300 (I'm 6'8" so that doesn't translate into the figure you are probably thinking) anyways, help out a newbie, will my wheels taco when I get to that weight and decide to head out the door with some panniers and camping gear?

I'll probably eventually go for a custom built frame with 48 spoke rears (26") on Phil Wood touring hubs and 2mm DT straight gauge spokes (and probably a 40 hole front on a PW hub) but for now I want to know what to expect. Also, do you guys recommend a frame with two parallel top tubes or one where the centre tube (between top and down tubes follows the line of the downtube and bisects the rear triangle or do you just dig the reinforced extra thick tubing on a conventional double diamond frame. Note that some extra stiffness is required for the extira stress placed on a frame as large as mine must be. If you have never piloted a 63+cm frame you have likely never experienced the dreaded high speed front-end wobble so be glad about that :)

NE Way, your thoughts appreciated.

w00die 05-16-09 08:53 AM

Those wheels would make many clydes here Happy campers. I'd wait till until later to get new wheels. I'm 307 down from 350 and have been riding the stock 32 spoke wheels on my Giant Sedona and have yet to have any problems. So 300 + touring gear should be fine on those wheels as long as they are properly maintained (tension and such). I can't help you on the frame suggestions, out of my range, I am sure others will help.

AnnaMossity 05-16-09 11:58 AM

Kick ass! That's what I was hoping to hear :D thanks Woodie.

307lbs?! You must have wicked strong calves!

garage sale GT 05-16-09 05:17 PM

It sounds like your rim and spokes are more than strong enough, but I think Sheldon said real Shimano cassette hubs had the rh bearing cup further outboard than some other brands, which made for a stronger hub. I had some Joytech hubs on a Raleigh trail bike and I did bend the rear axle slightly. This was an 8 speed cassette hub. I used it for trail riding and only jumped it a total of one time.

My Velocity rear road hub has held up fine but the worst I put it through is mild trail riding. I am 220. The location of the rh cup and cone on the Velocity brand hub looked quite similar to the Joytech.

To sum up, I would be a little concerned about the axle until you get stronger hubs.

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