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Mr. Beanz 05-19-09 03:48 AM

My Secret Weightloss Program
Eat sensible meals and climb your arse off every weekend!:D Done about 4000-6000 ft rides every weekend for the last 7 weeks or so. Down 20 lbs and feelign strong babay!:thumb:

Not sure how I got back on the site but I'm posting pics while I can.

Hope to drop another 5 by the mid of June!
My good eye!
A riding partner, JustMe form the Socal forum

knzn 05-19-09 05:06 AM

Been wondering where your smiling face was. Glad you popped in!

txvintage 05-19-09 06:40 AM

Where ya been dude? Whaddaya mean not sure how you got back on?

10 Wheels 05-19-09 06:43 AM

Get a Yellow helmet.
Nice pics, but they don't count cause Gina is not in them.

JoelS 05-19-09 07:05 AM

Hey, that's essentially the weightloss plan that I use.

Tom Stormcrowe 05-19-09 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by Mr. Beanz (Post 8944012)

Not sure how I got back on the site but I'm posting pics while I can.

I did pass your issues along to tech support. ;) They sad they'd work on your access problem. seems they fixed it for now. :D

Mr. Beanz 05-19-09 11:38 AM

Thanks for all the help Tom!:thumb:...I followed the steps you suggested but no dice. Been trying over and over for a few days. Finally something clicked and here I is!:D

Sure 'nough Gina's been out there too. I've been doing mtn rides then she kicks my but the following day.:mad:...But she's a good draft!:p

Pinyon 05-19-09 01:58 PM

Good to see you back, and glad to know that you are slamming the hills, as usual. I don't know how you climb like that. I love hills the most, but am also one of the slowest people on group rides, no matter what kind of aerobic shape I'm in. You are an animal!

I've also been trying to lose some weight. I've been eating between 1600-1800 calories a day, and finally got off my big butt last month and started riding 5 days per week. This past Saturday, I showed up for a local group ride, only to find out that it was a 60-miler with about 4,800 feet of climbing. Between my lower calories, and not having anything but water to take up there, no place to buy anything up that canyon, I bonked big-time. The last 8-9 miles took FOREVER. It took lots of mental effort just to go 12-14 mph on the flats. Meh.

It was a wake-up call. I need to do more hills. I did a rolling 56 miler yesterday, a 34 mile flatland ride today. I think that I've recovered enough to go on another hill ride tomorrow. More hills. Do it.

Take care.

Mr. Beanz 05-20-09 02:39 AM

Thanks Pinyon! Yeah, I eat well the night before and the morning of. Plus hydrate hydrate hydrate, starting the day before. The 20 mile climbe we ride doesn't have any water sources so you're on your own. Lots of good planning.

The mtn pics you see, that's all there is! No stores, waterhoses, fountains, nothing, just mountains. Gotta plan ahead!:D

Last 5 miles of the climb, I was out of water. But I know the course so I was ok knowing what was ahead!:D

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