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cod.peace 05-22-09 08:11 PM

41 miles of biking today
Split into several parts. I drove to a tire shop to get my car's leaky tire fixed. I got my 'bent set up and went 12 miles to work. This was interrupted by my messing with my seat recline (to lean back a touch more) which required a few quick stops for adjusting. I was somewhat dehydrated and hadn't eaten much for breakfast which made me feel fairly lousy at work. I also had a post-nasal drip attack from allergies that set off a cough so bad I nearly barfed all over a sidewalk. Blah. I was seriously contemplating not doing the rest of the planned riding but (seriously) considered for a bit that picture of Tom Stormcrowe biking with an oxygen tank, and of the Historian's tale of riding with a busted rib or whatever painful-sounding injury it was, and decided to HTFU and push myself.

On the way home... 9 miles back to the car place (different route), got car, drove to apartment. After a 15 min break to cool off due to the 90 def heat, I biked 2 miles to pharmacy, then 18 miles to my mother-in-law's house to meet up with my family. Around the 10 mile mark I choked down an Espresso Cliff gel. Nasty - raspberry is better. This also marked the point when I hit shade for the rest of the ride, which was a relief. In the sun and heat when I would stop in traffic I could feel the heat just radiating off me. 2 bottles of water and 1 of Gatorade on the way, and not one urge for a pee break - it was all just sweating out of me!

I just had a huge craving for produce, so I put away a bowl of raspberries and a big handful of baby carrots. I like fruit but rarely crave it...

41 miles is the longest I have ever cycled in one day. I also somehow managed to raise my normally slow commuting pace by 1.5 mph :thumb:. I had nothing but total comfort on the V-rex, but I really need to change to proper cycling shoes since I get some numb feet due to pressure points on the tread of my cross-country running shoes.

TechKnowGN 05-22-09 08:18 PM

Thats awesome. And I was thrilled with my 4 miles this evening to ride off the two cheesy brats I had for dinner.

Nighteyez 05-22-09 09:28 PM

Congratulations on your longest ride!

Hill-Pumper 05-22-09 09:46 PM

Congratulations, longest rides are always fun. Now, you should think about a metric century. :thumb:

cod.peace 05-23-09 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by Hill-Pumper (Post 8969589)
Congratulations, longest rides are always fun. Now, you should think about a metric century. :thumb:

I have been! However, I managed to partially tear on of my right quadriceps tendons almost 2 months ago in a freak house hunting accident. It was just diagnosed last week via MRI. Cycling is ok, it doesn't hurt, but it started to complain at the end of this ride. I start PT this week, and really long rides will have to wait until it's completely healed up. Maybe this fall?

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