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scotlandtb 06-03-09 08:49 PM

Wheel technical question
ok so I went on a 27 mile ride yesterday with a couple of friends. At the start I noticed a strange noise coming from the rear wheel when I was coasting. I looked at it tonight and it seemed to be coming from the bearing area. I took the wheel off, cleaned the bearing area and re lubricated. but it is still there. to me it sounds as if the bearing might be fried. its a sort of grinding noise as it free spins not the click click click that a rear wheel normally does as it turns. This wheel, like the bike, is only 4 months old. I am probably going to take it in to REI and get them to do something about it as the bike is still pretty new. Is it reasonable for me to expect the bearing/ wheel to last more than 4 months? Do you think my guess at the issue is accurate?

Looking for advice / comments etc.

Bit concerned as I have a 60 mile ride organised for Saturday :twitchy:

professorbob 06-03-09 10:10 PM

Yup, it's reasonable for you to expect a bearing to last MUCH more than 4 months.

DieselDan 06-04-09 04:38 AM

You've got something, probably fine sand, in the freehub or freewheel. You can flush out a freewheel and add oil, chain saw oil is preferred, or just replace it. Freehub bodies can be serviced, but low end freehubs can be replaced for the cost of a service.

txvintage 06-04-09 04:42 AM

Bearings, so long as they were lubed and installed correctly should last a long long time. I wouldn't worry too much since it's only 4 months old and it came from REI.

REI will either fix it or take it back. They have an awesome return policy.

scotlandtb 06-04-09 05:23 AM

TX, thats what I thought. I didnt find out about the return policy till after I got the bike. Just hope they will throw another one on so I can ride saturday or fix it quickly. Guys thanks for all the responses. I will let you know what they say later today.

TechKnowGN 06-04-09 07:48 AM

Yeah, let us know. My fiancee and I are going to join REI as co-op members when we move to Boston.

scotlandtb 06-04-09 11:31 AM

Tech, The co-op thing is excellent. We only do the one Co-op acct and both use it. I love the 10% back check once a year. Should be a couple of hundred for the next one *LOL*
I took it in at 10am when they opened and they had a look. Lemme see if I can type what he said correctly. When he looked the hub was too tight (not sure what that means) so he loosened it and repacked the bearings with grease. It is still making the grinding so he thinks some bearings are off round. I left the bike with him and he is going to rebuild the bearings, replacing bearings that are off round. Tuesday was first and only time I heard the sound so he is hoping that should resolve issue. If the problem has damaged hub etc they might have to replace the wheel though but he wont know till he is in. I should know later today and he is working on getting it back to me by 6pm if all is well. Everything is thankfully covered under REI's warranty including a new wheel if needed. My only concern is if a new wheel is needed that I may have to wait for it. my fingers are crossed that he can deal with the bearings issue and it will be good to go. If it needs a new wheel im gonna try see if they can take another wheel of of a floor model........
ok just got a call *LOL* its the free wheel thats shot, they are giving me a comprable wheel made by shimano and it will be ready by 6pm

EasyEd 06-07-09 05:15 PM

I love their service. That's why my son and I both got our bikes from REI.

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