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tabnlu 06-06-09 04:04 PM

Mesquite Bike Ride
Did anyone go today? The weather was great except for the 10-20 mph wind on the 1st half. Once I turned back to the NW it was smooth sailing. 1st metric century of the summer. This ride had great support from the beginning to the end and I really enjoyed it.

txvintage 06-06-09 07:31 PM

I was overwhelmed with a massive "honey-do" list. I was out and about around noon and the wind was brutal, so if you got your metric in today you got some serious work in!

StephenH 06-06-09 07:52 PM

I did, had a good time. I wasn't sure if I could finish the metric century by 1:00, but tried it anyway. We started moving about 7:50, and I got back to the rodeo place about 12:58. I also rode to and from the ride, so that made it 81.2 miles total.

StephenH 06-06-09 09:11 PM

Photos are already posted at Cool. Link to the index page:
Of interest:
Photo #72- Check out the guy in the red jersey. We passed each other two or three times each later in the ride. That is some bike riding.
Photo #251- Time trial helmet
Photo #305- My bike in the picture.

tabnlu 06-07-09 02:54 AM

That's me in 229, 230, and 231 on the yellow bike. Sounds like we were in the same area of the ride.

StephenH 06-07-09 07:43 AM

Cool. I think I checked his pictures for a year before I ever made it into any of them (that was at a rest stop at last year's Mesquite Rodeo ride). It's amazing how easy it is to miss other people out there. If they start off 100 yards in front of you riding 0.1 mph faster, you'll never see them.

tabnlu 06-07-09 01:54 PM

I'm pretty sure I remember seeing your bike out on the ride. Was that you at the 75/100 split and I said "The point of no return". We talked for a sec then got separated.

StephenH 06-07-09 03:02 PM

Yes, that was me. Thought the picture looked familiar, but after you look at about 400 of them, they all start looking familiar! I'm usually more talkative, but couldn't think of anything to say at that moment.

Griffin2020 06-08-09 09:34 AM

I did not see you this time, Stephen. I was there on a borrowed Cervelo. I intended to do the century, but fell at the second rest stop because of a flat, and with that the fact that the saddle was horrendously uncomfortable, I held to the 75K.

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