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donna1813 06-14-09 08:06 AM

oh @#$%% I think I ordered the wrong bike
I posted a thread in the ebike section concerning riding an electric bike for my womanly 5'2" , 300 lb stature. I received a lot of good advice and decided to order a bike from online that my son recommended and try it without a motor and if still feeling I needed the electric motor to put one on. That said.... I searched and searched and thought I was doing the right thing and ordered a 16 size woman's bike. Of course, when I went back on the site, I noticed I should have ordered the 14 size and they are closed for the weekend. Is this bike going to be to hard for me to ride due to the size of this frame? Can the size make that much of a difference?


Barrettscv 06-14-09 08:16 AM

It's almost impossible to properly size a bike online.

Do you have the geometry data on the bike you ordered? If you do, just visit a local bike shop today, find a bike of the same size and see if it fits.


jaxgtr 06-14-09 08:24 AM

You might want to call them first thing Monday and see if it has shipped and ask about sizing. Yea, at 5'2, 14 would probably be a better size for you. My wife is 5'4 and has a 16.5" Trek and it's a little big for her, but workable.

bautieri 06-14-09 09:39 AM

If the frame is a step through you'll probably be ok with it. If it has a traditional top tube you might have some issues standing over it.

I too would suggest calling first thing monday morning, or if the store has some type of voice mail system I would leave a message hoping that someone will check it first thing and relay the message.

jaxgtr 06-15-09 07:44 PM

any news???

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