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rdtompki 06-14-09 12:10 PM

Yesterday's ride
First, no pictures. Group we rode with don't stop to take no stinkin' pictures. But it was a great ride which followed the 100K of the Wine Country Century (Santa Rosa, CA). My wife and I rode our tandem and our longest ride to date (70 miles,14.6 mph average, 3200 ft. climbing). This is with a total of only 300 miles on the tandem so we were pretty proud of the effort. A fairly steep hill at the end nearly did us in and I must admit we walked about 1/8 mile at the very top, but my legs very shaking too much to stand. We're definitely going to try to do the organized ride next April, but will have to be prepared for the possibility of rain. Maybe, and I do mean maybe, we'll give the 100 miles a shot.

BTW, only 206 lbs last time I weighed myself. When I drop below 200 I don't expect to "graduate" since a 6' tall dude shouldn't qualify for clydeness, but I'm grateful to be welcome on this forum.

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