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bigboybiker 06-14-09 02:59 PM

Todays ride!
So I found time to take a 15.5 mile ride today. I had good weather with little wind, Mid to high 70's. I put my trunk rack on and loaded it up with a few accessories fow a friend who bought my spare bike yesterday(a extra helmet, tube, ect.). I had tweaked my seat height and position this week after some knee twinges so this was a experimental ride. I rode about twice as far as I have been during my weekly rides, yet I was able to raise my average speed by almost a mile an hour up to 14.5. And for long stretches I was cruising along at 17-18 mph. All in all it was my best ride yet. I'm finally starting to feel better and I have had only a few coughs since the end of the ride. Much improvement. I think that I'll try riding home from work again this week, about 17-18 miles.


EasyEd 06-14-09 04:21 PM

Ah yes, improvement feels good, don't it?:thumb:Congratulations.

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