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LordBass 06-17-09 06:32 PM

Showing Off My New Ride: Jamis Aurora Elite
I'm not sure buying every new bike needs its own thread, but I like seeing pics, and know most of you do too. Plus I'm excited about this one, since I don't buy a bike of this caliber every day, and haven't seen another of these.

After a revolving door of bikes the past three years, I'm hoping to spend less time wrenching & shopping and more time riding. I'd like to do more 30+ mile weekend rides, but am not interested in the race pace of most groups - I prefer to smell the flowers averaging 15-16mph instead of struggling toward 20mph. Hence this, a 62cm 2009 Jamis Aurora Elite. A steel sport tourer - just what I'm looking for. Not as rugged as a Surly LHT, much softer than a typical Cannondale that I see around here. I've only got 15 miles on it to date.

If you're not familiar, this is:
- Reynolds 631 steel frame with steel fork
- 105 brifters, 105 triple front der, Ultegra rear der
- 30/39/50 crank, 12-27 rear
- Mavic CXP22 rims with Tiagra hubs
- Stock tires are 700x32mm Vittoria Randonneurs rated for only 75psi (bouncy!)
- Canti brakes

Just a few accessories on so far. Future upgrades will include fenders (likely silver SKS P45), and possibly a honey Brooks B17 & an Acorn saddlebag. Then it will be complete! :)

Others on the short list that I like/considered:
Jamis Quest
Masi Speciale Randonneur
Cannondale Synapse 5

hendrick81 06-17-09 06:35 PM


bigfred 06-17-09 06:46 PM

Cool ride.

couch_incident 06-17-09 07:04 PM

Nice bike Yo!


Saltybeagle 06-17-09 07:27 PM

a beauty

Barrettscv 06-17-09 08:03 PM

Very classy and should ride like a dream.

zoste 06-17-09 08:10 PM

That's a nice ride! :thumb:

You will like the 12-27's one of the changes I made to my Salsa Casseroll, which is very similar, and which I bought for the same purpose. Definitely go for the fenders, too.

Here's mine before I made any changes to it:

I gotta get some more recent pix.

cooleric1234 06-17-09 10:02 PM

That's a nice bike. As a side note that looks like a LOT of spacers on the fork. I imagine you had them do that custom for you?

donalson 06-17-09 10:58 PM

very nice looking bike... very classic looking... how long is that steerer tube?

txvintage 06-17-09 11:36 PM

Well Chosen and well done garage door pics!

LordBass 06-18-09 09:19 AM

Thanks all. I believe the head tube is 195mm, not particularly tall for a frame this size. The spacers are how the bike was shipped/delivered. I may go down one after being more comfortable, though I like the bars even with the saddle.

Sure does ride nice, which I'll find out more if it ever stops being gloomy and wet here in New England. Did get 20 miles in this morning, at least. Felt like I could have done another 15-20 easy if rain wasn't threatening.

I do like the Casserroll too. My good buddy zpl (Scott) here on BF has one that he likes a lot.

bbeck 06-18-09 09:22 AM

sure is a sexy bike

Nighteyez 06-18-09 01:57 PM

Nice looking bike. Hope you have plenty of fun with it, and put lots of miles on it.

EasyEd 06-18-09 03:18 PM

That looks like a nearly perfect road bike. The only thing that would make the pics better would be if that was my garage door instead of yours...

Pamestique 06-18-09 04:16 PM

What a classy beautiful bike! Thanks for sharing pics! :thumb:

exile 06-18-09 07:26 PM

Thanks for the pics. That is a nice looking ride. I saw one a few months ago in a not so local bike shop and oh so wanted to ride it. Just wasn't my size :mad:.

rickbb 06-22-09 02:13 PM

Very nice, LB!
And something to sit and admire while it rains 40 days/nights around here...

jgjulio 06-22-09 02:50 PM

Congratulations. Really nice looking ride. Have fun!

LordBass 06-22-09 03:13 PM

Thanks again all. It has seriously rained nearly a week straight and I've barely been on the thing. :(

But someday, summer will come, and so will the miles. :)

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