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Tom Stormcrowe 06-19-09 02:05 PM

If you guys had a wishlist of functions to add on fitday......
What would they be?

Also, if there were an opportunity to add some or all of fitday's functionality to BF, what would you like to see, featurewise? Jut curious, as of this point, but it may be relevant later......

Tom Stormcrowe 06-19-09 05:22 PM

Bump....I actually have some reasons to ask these, I'm just not at liberty to talk about why, yet. :p

jaxgtr 06-19-09 08:03 PM

I used fitday for a short time, but the database for the food always bugged me. I ended up putting just about everything in as a custom food. While I understand you can not have each and every variation of food in the DB, having an accurate and fairly wide ranging food database would be high on my list to go with the calorie counting option.

dlester 06-19-09 08:40 PM

I have had pretty good luck with myfitnesspal. That kind of functionality is very useful. I had hit a plateau until I started using that site, and now I am back on track.

What seems to make that site work is the rather extensive database it has accumulated. As jax pointed out, it is cumbersome if you are entering everything as a custom food.

guybierhaus 06-19-09 10:55 PM

I find food database a bit strange as well. May be it's an international database, I don't recognize a lot of the food. I would really like the bar charts to have real value numbers. I also kept a separate spread sheet with daily calories in and calories burned and cumulative total at bottom. Compared totals and devided by 3000 to get computed pounds lost or gained. Anyway system worked fine for a few months then I got to a point where computed pounds lost and actual lost were growing farther apart. Guess I reached that plateau. Very discouraging and I quit.

Tom Stormcrowe 06-19-09 11:08 PM

OK, so work a bit on the foods database for accuracy. Noted.

JPritch 06-20-09 12:27 AM

Maybe a demo to see the functionality prior to joining and setting up an account would be helpful. I currently track my food & exercise on another site so I'm familiar with the concept, but I'm not sure I want to go thru entering everything in again unless fitday offers something new, different, and/or better.

Tom Stormcrowe 06-20-09 12:30 AM

It's free, you know.

Wogster 06-20-09 07:41 AM


Originally Posted by Tom Stormcrowe (Post 9131911)
What would they be?

Also, if there were an opportunity to add some or all of fitday's functionality to BF, what would you like to see, featurewise? Jut curious, as of this point, but it may be relevant later......

I can't say about fitday, because I don't use it, I've looked at a few of them, and most don't have enough generic stuff, so it's difficult if you don't have a particular brand available, so you need to find out the information and enter it as a custom item.

What would be handy is if they had the ability to submit items for review, in other words you can submit an item, and the site maintainers then review the submission and add it to the main database.

As for Bike Forums, can they please, please, please fix the read flag update problem, where if you sit for more then about 1 minute, it updates everything to read, whether it's read or not. I belong to a couple of photography forums, and they don't have this problem, so it's possible.

navajo 06-20-09 09:12 AM

Well, I'll jump in here too.

I've used FitDay since last October and find a few things lacking.

As others have stated, the food database is very odd. Common foods not listed, the same foods listed numerous times, and some of their calori counts are just off the charts. I too have been adding most things as Custom Foods.

Also, their Reports leave a bit to be desired. I would like to be able to customize some of the Reports for the time periods I want (instead of the Week, Month, 2 Month options they give you).

I would also find it nicer to be able to pick a month/year from the Calendar tab rather than need to click "Next" or "Previous" back through the year to get where I want. On of those pop up mini claendars that you can move through and click the date year you want would be nice.

On the Weight Goal page, the bar graph will only display the last 6 months of progress. Any more than that and all you get is an error. So you have to keep moving the dates around to get the graph to work. Also, when you are on the Weight Goal page and select the Progress Tab, the Weight Change field is using the wrong formula for calculating the change per week. I THINK they are using the entire Weight Goal range (start and end dates) to divide your current weight loss. It is way low.

I also would like to see them change the set up of the Activities Bicycle names. I mean, how condesending is it to tell me that when I am huffing and puffing hauling my big butt up and down hills at 13 MPH that that is actually a LEISURLY RIDE!?!?! :roflmao2:

That's all I can think of for now.

I would LOVE to have something like this on BF. Also, if it happens, maybe a way to contact the admins for it and actually get an answer? :innocent:

jaxgtr 06-20-09 07:54 PM

I do believe the purchased software is suppose to be a lot more extensive and user friendly, however the same food db. It's always hard to put a non-web based app and make it function the same in a browser.

vXhanz 06-21-09 05:14 AM

I used fitday for a time and quit due to frustration. I started using 's information because I could add something to my list and keep it there. It was easy for me to subtract and add items.

I guess my biggest problem with fitday was the organization, multiple listings of the same food but with different measure's (oz's, lbs, grams, 1 cup, etc.) it was a real chore for me. It really would be easier to just add food by the custom measures as mentioned already. I still had to input all the information myself, so I just resorted to pen and paper. Granted, things may have changed since I used fitday two years ago, if they changed something I wouldn't run back there unless it was offered through the forums.


navajo 06-21-09 02:27 PM

Hey Tom,

I thought of another one.

When I cook my meals (especially when I cook my lunches for the week on Sundays), I take all the ingredients then add them up and divide by 7 to get my daily cals, fat, prot, etc and input that as a Custom Food in the database.

But the next time I make it, I have to do all the calculations again since the ingredients can vary. It would be nice if the Custom Food area had a COMMENTS field where I could put the amount of ingredients for the dish or even just stick the recipe in there. Really just a text box. Should be easy to do.

Tom Stormcrowe 06-21-09 02:28 PM

Good suggestions. :D

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