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Missbumble 06-21-09 12:18 PM

Birthday Ride Then and Now
Ok - So another year - and it's my Birthday! - To celebrate my bierthday I went out for a 2 hour ride with a friend on one of my favorite routes called Silk Sheets. My friend, Wayne, does not work out much - nor ride much- so with the sweltering heat (feel like 98) it was a tough ride for him. Me, i have a cold and it was a bit tough as well. We stopped for a rest and I felt nauseous. BBut it was awesome to have a b ike - and be out riding to celebrate the day. Last year I rode 50 miles on our flat trail (Silver Coemt) and was so proud. This year - I am just happy to get out and enjoy the weather, company and ride.

Ok what does it mean if I am going to hit the couch for a nap before my friend makes me dinner tonight for the bday? Am I old (46 look 38)....Probably just a combo of the sun and my cold...ok nap time then on with the party!


Link to last year's ride:

chewybrian 06-21-09 06:01 PM

Well, if nobody else is going to say it....:bday:

Hope you feel better, and 46 is not that old.

andrelam 06-22-09 09:17 AM

Do not feel bad about a relatively short ride. You just finished riding accross a state, riding 500 miles in one week. That is a fantastic achievement! So you get a cold and need to take it easy for a few days. Colds and flue bugs happen... Give your self a little rest, and look back with pride on what you achieved in the past year:thumb:

Happy birthday! :beer:

Missbumble 06-22-09 09:34 AM

Thanks Guys - I do not fell bad about the short ride- it was a great route - hot as balzes - and I had nothing to prove! It was good to get out on the bik..

terbennett 06-24-09 03:28 PM

I'm sorry for responding so late, but Happy Belated B-day!! I understood what you were going through. I live in So. California but I'm originally from Savannah. Anyway, that took a lot for you to go out in that weather with a cold. My hat's off to you!!

EasyEd 06-24-09 03:49 PM

:beer: Happy belated birthday Miss B. Your posts have been an inspiration to me.

Bone Head 06-24-09 04:58 PM

:bday: Belated Happy Bday. Wishing you Peace, Prosperity, Health & Happiness for the next 46..........

Missbumble 06-24-09 05:21 PM

Thanks guys!!

willmw 06-26-09 10:57 AM

Another one late to the party... I'm not far behind you (5 months) and just starting out, but I don't feel old. Happy Birthday to you.

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