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jmcdowell 07-17-09 02:01 PM

Awesome ride and bad luck.
This morning I set out for another ride. I drove to one of the old Spanish missions built in the 1700's and rode from there along the city trail to see the other 3 missions, and the Espada dam on the San Antonio river. That runs about 17 miles, and I wanted to go a little further, so I went into downtown up to the Alamo and through the park that was built for the World's Fair. It was an fantastic ride, just over 25 miles.

I took my camera and I was pumped to post the pics of the ride on here. Then....
On the way back to my car, I must have hit a bump or something, because the camera flew out of the bag on a busy street, under a bridge with no shoulder. I thought for sure the camera was going to get run over, or I would, but I managed to get it. I noticed that the battery compartment had popped open and the battery was gone. So I did a lightning fast search and found it, stuffed it back in the bag and pedaled out to the next safe spot to put it back together. Camera turned on no problem. Big sigh of relief. :thumb:

I get back to the car and head the 20 miles or so home, get to the computer and get ready to put the memory card in.... It's not there. Ugh. :twitchy:
So... back in the car. Back to the bridge. It's been a couple hours now, so I'm sure it's been run over.
I found it un-crushed, ran out from under the bridge, and hopped back in the car. Sweet. No harm no foul. Well, I guess the 105 degree heat did just as much damage as a car might have, because the card is dead.

I really enjoy seeing all the pics you guys have posted of your ride, and was excited to share. :(
Guess, I'll have to do a repeat of the ride. :D

Tex_Arcana 07-17-09 03:24 PM

Hmm, thought about riding to San Antonio (with a stop in Shiner of course) and riding around, but you don't seem to have much luck riding around S.A..

Maybe I'll just stop at Shiner.

jmcdowell 07-17-09 03:41 PM

:lol: It's not San Antonio's fault that I'm so clumsy. It's actually an excellent place to ride.
I'm just barely starting out and having a great time, despite my getting lost and breaking stuff. :p

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