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Ranger63 07-20-09 08:22 AM

Team Cycling Jerseys
The last time the one club I belong to purchased team cycling jerseys the supplier had nothing that fit anyone over a XL and that XL sizing must have been european.
Well, the club is thinking about getting new jerseys again and I'm hoping-thru you folks-I can steer them in the direction of suppliers who carry 3XL or at the very least an American sized 2XL
Thanks in advance.

socalrider 07-20-09 08:35 AM

Voler offers up to 3xl and has both race and club cuts available..

sizing chart:

CliftonGK1 07-20-09 08:38 AM

Just about every custom supplier I've seen makes 2x, and quite a few have 3x. Not sure who our screenprinter is, but the jersey blanks for my company team are from Voler. We had a few 3x on the team.

Race-fit 3x is going to be different than club-fit (shorter sleeves, tighter cut, etc.) but should still fit if 3x is your usual size. The only one I've found to run really really small is Woolistic. I can usually slide by with a 2x in a club-fit, if the length is cut long. In Woolistic jerseys I need a 3x, and I have to stretch 'em a little bit to get the length on it

Hill-Pumper 07-20-09 09:28 AM

Primal Wear also makes some 3X jersey with a nice big cut to them. :thumb:

sstorkel 07-20-09 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by Hill-Pumper (Post 9314798)
Primal Wear also make some 3X jersey with a nice big cut to them. :thumb:

And they do custom work, too! Though I'm not sure what their pricing is or how many you have to order...

Griffin2020 07-20-09 12:27 PM

Sugoi makes nice custom jersey (feel great too), and they are more generous in their cut than Promal Wear (and they last longer than Primal).

Kucharik also does large sized customs, but they can be real d*cks, from what I understand.

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