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Gavush 07-20-09 08:33 PM

baggy shorts for the Mrs? (14/16)
Any Athena's suggest a baggy short that has a chamois for my wife? She went on a few rides last year but we just ordered her a bike that is her size - the old one was too big...She plans to ride a whole lot more so she could use some shorts, but she doesn't want Lycra. Granted, I know everyone's different but maybe you can offer what works for you. She's a 14/16.

oh, I just read that one might simply wear baggy shorts over lycra, I didn't think of that... still open to suggestions anyway though.

Mr Danw 07-20-09 08:59 PM

I recently made this trip with my wife. Performance bike has a nice selection of ladies mountain bike shorts and they also have cycling liners to wear under whatever she wants to wear to ride.

dlester 07-20-09 09:13 PM has all kinds of stuff for larger riders. The baggy mountain bike shorts, traditional bike shorts, and bibs (though bibs aren't very realistic for most ladies). Prices are great as well since they are 'generic' and don't have a premium attached to a label. 07-20-09 09:34 PM

Sorry no baggies for women right now.

Check for a good selection and good range of sizes


Greg_R 07-20-09 11:32 PM

Gavush, just have her get Lycra and then wear some athletic shorts over the top. It will be the cheapest method.

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