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Thomasdregos 07-21-09 07:37 PM

Last Sunday's Ride (Tour de Farce)
I got a crazy idea into my head to go from Ft Stewart GA to Savannanh last Sunday. I went to the local Waffle House for a nice breakfast before starting off. I had a bottle of Gatorade and a Camelback with 3L of water. I knew of several stores along the way I could replenish my hydration supplies so I was set. I'm riding my Nishiki Meridian XRS hybrid with Bontrager triple protection 700C32 tires and new bike shorts. I took the long way in from the SE gate and east out of Hinesville. I skirted a lot of traffic by using a partially completed section of the highway that is being widened to four lanes. I liked drafting the cars though as that really bumped up my speed! I stopped halfway down that road to top off my water and get a break. everybody I talked to was suprprised that I was headed into Savannah but had faith that I would make it. I hit rout seventeen next and followed that all the way into historic Savannah. That was a long strech but uneventful. Plenty of places to top off and decent sides of the road to use and bike lanes. Once in Savannah, I realized I didn't have time to fart around. I headed back up Abercorn road towards Oglethorpe Mall. I stopped at Wendys for lunch (water no soda). When I tried to leave I discovered my keys were missing and my bike was locked up the way I left it! I put a friend on notice that I may need a ride and kept looking for the keys; no luck. Finally, in an act of desperation, I took out my Leatherman Supertool and went to work on my cable. In less than a minute I had cut through the Bell cable, Kevlar and all. Bell, you (censored) and Leatherman you are the greatest! I got back on the road home on route 204. It's a major 55mph highway but the pulloff area was good for riding. About a mile from the exit for route 17, the pulloff area turned heavy gravel in tar and I had to walk my bike as it was too rough. Time was slipping away fast so I hoofed it on the highway and got a few close calls and honks. I cruised easily down 17 for awhile before the leg cramp hit. I took it easy for awhile and walked the cramp out while drinking more water. I started taking more breaks to keep the cramps away. I made it to route 144W on Ft Stewart and was about a quarter of the way in when both legs cramped badly. I decided that was enough and called for a ride back. I kept going as much as my legs would allow but by the time I was picked up I was only walking the bike. My legs still haven't forgiven me but my run time was a heck of a lot better Monday morning! Unfortunately my seargent was not amused and put a kybosh on future like trips!

The object of life if not to come in gently to the grave but sideways, careening, laughing and screaming at the top of my lungs and saying "damn what a ride!"

Tex_Arcana 07-21-09 07:56 PM

Ah, Ft. Stewart and the good ol' 24th Infantry. I wasn't into biking then. Instead I had an old Fleetwood Estate station wagon that was the "party car" that my roomies and I used to take to River Street and the beach.

You must not live on base if you started in Hinesville. I can see why you would want to eat at the Waffle House though. I used to get tired of the mess hall.

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