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moose67 07-22-09 05:51 AM

Seat post adjustment
I know there is a lot of experience around here and I listen to the comments. I recently had switched out my suspension post on my bike because I couldn't get the seat high enough and still be able to get on. I adjust my seat only a half inch and it was the difference between daylight and dark. I knew I was mashing when I rode in the beginning but couldn't really fix with the old seat post. The other day I had been riding for a while since swapping out seat post. I knew something wasn't right but couldn't put my finger on it. I had to stop and when I did I adjusted the seat and WOW! I tightened the seat post clamp and plan on marking it so I can always be sure of the height. So my thanx goes out to all in the forums for all of your experience and knowledge.

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