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bruce282 07-24-09 09:17 AM

Discomfort Question
I am getting back on my Trek after a bad tumble in January. I basically starting all over again as far as getting used to riding. I had a fit session (pre accident) to get the seat height and fore and aft set correctly.

Short question, when I ride either on the trainer or the road I feel like I'm bent over too much, with too much weight on my arms. But if I remember correctly I felt the same when I first started last fall and as I rode further things felt better. Is this just my body getting used to the position again, and I should give a couple of weeks?

Currently @ 278 if that makes a difference.



mtclifford 07-24-09 09:23 AM

If the bike is properly fitted then really you might want to give it a while to get used to it. Remember if you were out for a while your core muscles have weakened and therefore it take more effort to maintain your posture. I would say if it persists over a couple months then go to your LBS and talk to them.

Good luck and good to hear you are back on the bike!

AndrewP 07-24-09 01:57 PM

Do a some exercises to strengthen the core and upper body. You dont need to go into a full body building routine, but a few push-ups on the edge of a table and sit-ups every day will make a tremendous difference to your comfort on the bike. The riding will be enough execrise for the lower body.

flip18436572 07-24-09 08:27 PM

When I did my new fitting, I had the same problem for a few weeks. I had to take a few weeks off the bike for other problems and when I got back to it I had the same problem again.

mkadam68 07-24-09 08:35 PM

+1 to above.

But also: is the tilt of your saddle nose-down? The general rule of thumb--if you can handle it--is the saddle should at least be horizontal or even slightly nose-up. This will help alleviate some weight on your arms. But, if you go too much, it can cause discomfort "down there". So be careful.

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