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Neil_B 07-25-09 08:14 AM

Size Matters: Clothes Make the Clyde
This is a followup to the recent post about a fellow concerned with losing weight so he could fit back into his suit, and a supplement to the endless stream of posts about goal weights. We read little about sizes here, so I thought I'd provide examples of 'shrinkage' and suggest other posters do the same.

The Historian at 400 pounds wore:
size 22 dress shirt
size 4xl or 5xl sport shirt
size 64L suit
size 56 or 58 pants
size 13-14 shoe

The Historian at 242 pounds wore:
size 17-17.5 dress shirt
size xl - 2xl sport shirt
size 50L or 52L suit
size 44 or 46 pants
size 12.5 W shoe

The Historian at 285 pounds wears:
size 18.5 dress shirt
size 2xl sport shirt
size 52L suit
size 46 pants
size 12.5 W shoe

Keep this list handy for Christmas shopping season. :)

turtlewoman 07-25-09 05:29 PM

Ok, I'll bite. 3x top and bottom or 46 plus jeans or 22-24 womens. Size 11 underwear if anybody cares. Yes, Ill tell you size 40C bra. Size 9 shoes--up from size 7 when I was in high school. some of the increased shoe size is from being a nurse for 25 years!!

who else is brave enough to post their underwear size?:D

RatedZeroHero 07-25-09 05:35 PM

I will...
XL Fruit of the Loom boxer-briefs...

Mazama 07-26-09 04:40 AM


Originally Posted by The Historian (Post 9351129)
Keep this list handy for Christmas shopping season. :)

OK. Would you like that in Periwinkle, or Mauve?

dlester 07-26-09 08:46 AM

When I started, at 316 pounds, I wore tight fitting slacks with a waist size of 44.

At 215, where I have been stuck for a few weeks, I wear size 36 waist.

BullGatorTitan 07-26-09 11:49 AM

I am new here and I just started dropping weight. At 240, I was in XL or XXL sports shirts and size 40 pants. Anxious to see these start going down. I know I will have to keep working hard, but I find myself looking forward to my 9 mile ride at lunch every day at work.

barndoor 07-26-09 07:52 PM 290# I wore 44 waist....xxl shirts were "tight" 270# I wore 42 waist....xxl shirts were "right" 255# I'm wearing 38 waist.....xxl shirts are very loose....

GeorgeVW 07-26-09 08:40 PM

At 380, I was in 4XL shirts (and some of them were getting a little tight), 58" pants. Now, at 275, I'm at 2XL shirts (depending on cut. I hate those tapered 'athletic' V-cut shirts with a passion), and 48" waist, which should soon be moving to 46. The day when I can just walk into a non-specialty store and buy clothes off the rack is one I very much look forward to.

rustman 07-26-09 08:43 PM

At 330lb, I wore size 48 pants. My XXL polo shirts were too snug to wear. I wore a 18.5 or (XXL) dress shirt. Size 11.5 or 12 shoes. My size 54 jacket was starting to get snug.

At 297lb, my size 44 pants are just starting to getting loose. Thanks goodness I saved the XXL polo shirts because they fit great. I need to get some smaller dress shirts. My shoes are now 10.5 or 11.

robb. 07-27-09 10:29 AM

at 6".

at 285 i had to find the "magic" 42 pants and shorts. i had a wake-up call when i couldn't find a "magic" pair. i was wearing 18.5 dress shirts and i was on the brink of XXL.

at 240 my waist was a 38. i was still generally XL in shirts. i had to find the "magic" pants on a hanger. i refused to buy pants from the bins in the wall. dress shirt is a 17. shoes are size 12.

at 220 i started to hit the transition between XL and L in shirts. dress shirt is now a 16.5.

now at 205 my waist is 34, shirts are L, dress shirt is 16. body fat is at 14% with 185 pounds of lean mass. i need an abdominoplasty or i will look flabby for the rest of my life. shoes are still 12, though 11.5 isn't out of the question. cycling shoes tend to be around 45.


DTSCDS 07-27-09 10:37 AM

At 400+:
Shirt 5-6XL depending on the shirt.
Dress shirts 24
Pants 58
Shoes 13 or 14

Now at 245:
Shirts XL or XXL
Dress shirts 18.5
Pants 40 with 38 on the horizon
Shoes 12.5

Pezzle 07-27-09 10:47 AM

At 280, 2XL shirts and men's size 48 pants were key (stupid hips). Was too embarrassed to wear she-jeans. A few pounds later, I fit into 24s, very tight.

Then At 230, where I am now, those old shirts are tents. They make me look worse because of the way they hang.

So right now, hovering between 228-230...

Size L/XL T-Shirt
Size 16 Women's Top
Size 18W Women's Jeans, 22W if I want to look like a ghetto gansta'
(In men's is tough, because my hips seem to prevent wearing waist sizes below 40/38 correctly, so I am just sticking with looser men's shorts and women's pants)
Shoes: Men's 9.5-10.5 (depending on type), women's 11.5-12

And I'm guessing probably like XXL cycling shorts, I have to try them on tomorrow

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