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justwes 08-13-09 02:09 PM

Being given a 79Peugeot U09
I currently have a 80 Schwinn Speedster that i've turned into a Single Speed campus bike. a Mint 81 Raleigh Capri that is seriously in near showroom condition that I have neglected riding much lately due to it needing a tad longer seat post for comfortable riding.

And now I have a friend that doesnt want the bike going to waste its just too short for his 6'4 self haha.

i sorta am wondering which direction to take the build. i know i want either bullhorns or mustache bars. but after that i'm not entirely sure.

IAmCosmo 08-13-09 02:27 PM

I'm not sure, but if you have any other friends who are just giving bikes away, send them my direction...

Homeyba 08-13-09 03:50 PM

Are you going to turn in into a single speed delivery bike? Is that why you want the mustache or bullhorn bars. Where are you going to ride it an what types of rides will they be. I think that should dictate what you do with it. If you just want a project and don't really care about how it will be ridden that is another question altogether.

justwes 08-14-09 12:00 AM

probably be leaning towards touring/road riding.

i know i wont be keeping the drops, i hate drops, my back feels like it needs replaced after riding using drop bars

Slow Banshee 08-14-09 04:15 AM

There is nothing wrong with that bike that a little TLC won't take care of. Go through everything, re-grease the BB and hubs and adjust the shifters. I've been seeing lots of people riding older bikes lately which is great considering our throw-away culture. I'm fixing up an old Raliegh into a fixed gear bike myself, Sometimes working on a bike is almost as fun as riding them. Like said by previous poster, if any you run across anymore people giving away bikes like this Peugeot, pass them unto us.

SiciPro 08-14-09 06:12 PM

Restore it..
Oh, please bring it back to it's original condition...Or as much as possible.

If this is any consolation or incentive, there's a large retro market out there. I'd be happy to turn you on to somebody who might be interested, although he's looking for one of the first carbon Peugeots.

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