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Makarov 08-13-09 07:38 PM

Jamis Coda Sport
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I just wanted to show-off my new ride. I normally do mountain biking on my Spec. Stumpy 29er, but decided to get some road miles in for additional weight loss. I tested some nice road bikes but just could not get comfortable with the drop bars and brifters. I read a lot of good things about the Coda model from Jamis and took a chance and ordered one for $700. I am extremely pleased with my choice. I'm doing 20 & 30 miles jaunts with it and I am very comfortable on it. The steel frame gives a nice ride and at 26lbs it's more than adequate for my needs.

With the bar-ends, I get a little variety on the hand position, though not as much if I had drop bars. I pulled the heavy suspension seatpost and cheap saddle and installed a Sette APX carbon post I had laying around and a Charge Spoon saddle. Even better, I've dropped 20 lbs in 2 months (6'3 248lbs right now and otw to 230) and feel great.

flip18436572 08-13-09 07:41 PM

I like my Jamis bikes. Mostly because the LBS that supports them. That makes all the difference for me. Good luck and have fun with it.

Zardhex 08-14-09 01:31 AM

Congrats on your new rig....looks sharp :thumb: and it's steel :love:
But, I was wondering though: Are my eyes a tad skewed, or is that saddle a bit down-sloped? You don't slide off?

Makarov 08-14-09 08:16 AM

Yea, I noticed that in the pic but it seems to fit me OK and I don't have the sliding off feel. I will check it when I get home.

Jasmijo 08-14-09 11:13 AM

I love Jamis bikes! Congrats!

barturtle 08-14-09 01:41 PM

I love my Coda. I too put on bar ends and find them give enough positions that even rides up to 80 miles (longest so far) have been comfortable. I like the stock seat well enough, but I too ditched the stock seatpost. I'm also down a bit on weight (6'1" 240# from 280#) Of course as a commuter I carry an additional 20# or so of gear, I've gotten so used to the extra weight on the bike that I even take it with me on club rides...I keep telling the guys to watch out when I get a lighter I've promised myself a road or cross bike for club rides when I hit 200#.

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