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turtlewoman 08-19-09 05:50 AM

First half commute here I come!!
Okay. So last night I had my partner bring me to work with my bike. That way I figured I'd be forced to ride home after work. No car, one bicycle--go home.:thumb: Of course, I could always wimp out and call for a rescue ride but I am strangely excited at the prospect of beginning my commuting. I don't know how many miles it will be. I think around five. Or what the hill to valley ratio is but I, with alot of help from you guys and Mr. Beanz, have learned that "hills are my friends".:o It is now 5:49am--getting closer and closer to departure time.:twitchy: I'm beginning to feel a few butterflies in my stomach but still excited!
Wish me luck.

jyossarian 08-19-09 08:03 AM

Did you make it home already or are you still pedaling?

turtlewoman 08-19-09 08:21 AM

Whew!!!! I made it home. I'm not going to tell you how long it took me. Suffice it to say that I do not spin at 18mph like the rest of you. But I did it!:lol: I was doubtful that I would be able to make it for some reason. It turned out to be only 3.55 miles from work to my house. I did have to walk two hills. I kept invoking the spirit of Mr. Beanz but those two just got the best of me. I'll do them next time.:thumb:
I feel great!!!!!!!!!

jyossarian 08-19-09 08:28 AM

Keep at it! It doesn't get easier, you just get faster.

eshvanu 08-19-09 07:07 PM

Congratulations. Slow and steady forward progress is the key.


Originally Posted by jyossarian (Post 9516545)
Keep at it! It doesn't get easier, you just get faster.

Pooh! Riding is a lot easier for me than it was in mid-May. Yes, sometimes I go faster, and sometimes I just enjoy the ride and look a the scenery (a few spots on my commute have beautiful views of the Rockies).

cyclokitty 08-19-09 07:10 PM

Yay Turtle!

My first commute a few years ago was a killer -- well, no. I'm still here. And I slept like a corpse that night too.

turtlewoman 08-19-09 07:14 PM

I love your dancing-------what is it--------a werewolf? Anyway, I love it!!

bluegoatwoods 08-19-09 07:17 PM

Good for you!

Now it's time for lesson #2. Get yourself equipped to deal with bad weather.

It's far more fun than motorists would ever believe!

cyclokitty 08-19-09 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by turtlewoman (Post 9521319)
I love your dancing-------what is it--------a werewolf? Anyway, I love it!!

hehe no clue what that critter is. But I found it while riding my bike along a trail.

It followed me home :thumb:

cyclefreaksix 08-19-09 07:26 PM

Congrats!! Keep it up, I now fly up the hills that practically killed me when I first started to commute.

nkfrench 08-20-09 10:22 AM

Good for you.

Depending on your route, your average mph while commuting won't reflect your capabilities due to having slow-stop-starts, any extra luggage weight, and street hazards/disruptions. I've averaged faster cruising on 50-mile route in summer heat and high humidity on country roads with hills than I have gone hauling a** on a 12-mile commute trying to get home before an approaching hailstorm did.

I hope you have bike lights ... around here sunrise is now around 7AM and it's quite dark at 6AM, and as days get shorter it will get worse. Hopefully your route is well lit so you can get by with a minimum "be seen" set of lights.

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