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WebFootFreak 12-18-13 07:57 AM

Okay... I'm going to throw my hat into the Triathlon madness ring.

I'm paying my entrance fee for the Memphis in May Sprint Tri (1/2mi swim, 12mi bike, 3mi run) in the next couple of weeks.

Right now my long run is 1.6mi, but I'm starting to push my distances out. Since I found a comfortable pace, and have decent shoes I'm finding that I still have a bit of gas in the tank when I hit my goal distances. I do have a 4k coming up on the 28th just to see where I am at in a race situation :p. I have the distance on the bike no problem right now. I will have to either upgrade to a road bike, or get slicks for my current bike, but that'll just add speed either way. The swim is what bothers me. I'm in contact with the Memphis Thunder Tri team, and I'm hoping to jump in one of their swim clinics after the 1st of the year. Of course, I'm going to work up to it. My schedule planned for 2014 so far is:

Bad Dog 5k (No Date Set) - benefitting Ronald McDonald House
Los Locos Duathlon (4/13) - 2mi run, 15mi bike, 2mi run
MIM Sprint Tri (5/17 - 2 weeks after my 41st bday, lol. ) - .25mi swim, 12mi bike, 3mi run

Zoxe 01-16-14 04:21 PM

WFF, how is the prep going?

I'm likewise signed up for a sprint Tri (400m, 12.6, and 5k) and an Oly Aqbike (1500m, bike 26, no run) in May and June respectively. Will be my 6th and 7th events overall. Same venue both times, different distances. My wetsuit came last week from XTerra, so I'm basically all set (no more rental suits).

WebFootFreak 01-21-14 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by Zoxe (Post 16416866)
WFF, how is the prep going?

I am officially entered as a Clyde. Right now it's going... slow. Let me take this backwards.

As far as the run is concerned, I'm having soleus muscle pain issues. I'm just doing light runs and walking, and strengthening my already freakishly huge calves. By the time the weather is consistently warmer (40+), I should be able to buckle down and start getting some distance going. I'm pretty unconcerned about the bike. I just need to get the little adjustments made for fit since it's new. Like I said in my post earlier, I went out last night and my avg speed was over 15. Looking at the results last year, a bike split with a 16-17 avg will net me a good time. The swim worries me a bit, primarily because I'm not practicing at all ATM. I have always been a good swimmer, but I'd rather not go into a 1/4 mile (yeah, my last post was wrong) swim cold.

With all that, I have made some connections that I'm using to the fullest. I work with a guy who runs marathons. I tell him what I've done, and he offers advice on goals, exercise, etc. A good friend of mine intro'd me to a friend of his who happens to be running 2 half ironman races this year. Lastly, the CEO where my wife works runs triathlons as well, and is putting together a group there. We meet tomorrow evening, and I'll see what he has to say. I've got a pretty good support group in place, I just need the weather to warm a bit and start busting my butt!

Zoxe 03-13-14 04:39 PM

I got invited today to the 2014 USAT Aquabike Nationals based on my "ranking" in 2013 for the Half-Iron Aqbike I completed in August.

They apparently invite everyone (as there are no entry pre-requisites or whatever), but it still feels good to get solicited!

SoCalRoadie 04-13-14 11:25 PM

Name : Tony
Age : 50
Clyde/Athena : clyde
# of Tri's completed 0

I am glads this thread is here I am a clyde that has motored away on my mtb and gone from 335 lbs down to 260 and am finally going give myself a reward and move into a road bike . but due to my renewed interest in Tri's am also looking at used TT / Tri bikes have been looking at Kouto K- factors and Cervelo soloists also the new Kestral Talon ( really nice looking bike :):thumb:) any advice given will be greatly appreciated and taken to heart . I also just picked up a copy of the slow fat triathelete at the library yestarday and started reading it.
oh I am 6' tall and still shooting for my goal wieght of 200-220 #

Thanks to all in advance and hope to learn alot here

bfs2 04-29-14 07:57 AM

Name: Ben
Age: 30
# of Tri's Completed:0

Signed up for a Sprint Tri in August, pretty excited to give it a go. I've been logging 3 miles a day 3 times a week for the last 4 months or so, mixing in spin class and lifting. Just got a hybrid bike, currently working on getting that piece of fitness in line. I've never really ridden a bike for pleasure since teenage years. I'm a strong swimmer so I may not pay much attention to that since it's only 400M. Is it completely unreasonable to think a 2hr or under finish? I figure 15 min swim, 1 hour bike (15 miles), and 40 minute run (5k)?

lenA 04-29-14 08:11 AM

I think you expectations are reasonable, but don't forget about the heat factor.

Zoxe 05-03-14 10:56 AM

One week to go before the first event of the season for us (Sprint Tri).

Welcome to @bfs2 and @SoCalRoadie to the Clyde Tri herd.

bs2: Your times are completely reasonable, but don't forget transition times when you do your math. This will vary quite a bit by venue (depending how far the pool/lake is from the pit, your equipment, or if it's a wetsuit race, for example), but 3-5 minutes in T1 and 2-4 minutes in T2 are going to be common times.

The best advice I can give to first timers is to do what they call "bricks" as you lead up to the race. For me, that meant a quick sprint ride on the bike (7mi) and then a practice T2 in the garage followed by 1 to 1.5mi run. The muscles used for biking are similar but different than running; many guys get a rude awakening on race day. My first Tri, I ignored similar advice offered to me and on race day I walked the first bit of the run until my legs would work again. The next season, I did bricks. :)

Next best advice I can give is just to relax and have fun. Especially getting into the water, just try to relax and find your rhythm. Some folks try to swim at 150% effort, and panic in the first 100 yards when the thought HOLY CRAP I AM DOING A TRIATHLON sinks in. Don't freak out; flip on your back and kick for awhile, get your HR down, and then enjoy the rest of your race. You'll be fine. :)

WebFootFreak 05-08-14 12:00 PM

I want to add my welcome to @bfs2 and @SoCalRoadie.

I agree with you assessment of times bfs2. My first sprint is coming up and I'm looking for:

12:00 swim (.25mi)
4:00 t1
45:00 bike (12mi)
2:00 t2
38:00 run (3.1mi) for a 1:40 goal

My first sprint is in 9 days. I'm prepared, but not as prepared as I should be. As far as the swim goes, I've shocked the crud out of myself. For the longest time, I couldn't put more than 150yds together. Then on 4-21, I pulled a 450 out of my backside (440 needed). Stayed there for a bit, and on 4-30 I jumped to 500, then 600. Finally, last Friday, I pounded out a full 1000 in 26 minutes! It's nice to know I have that distance available now. I've been sticking with 500yd stretches between kick drills and avging about 11:00-12:00 for the 500. On the bike I've been doing speed intervals trying to get my avg speed up a bit, but I'm not too worried. I really need to retape my bars though... The run has been killing me. I can hold a 12:00/mi avg - when I'm healthy. I've been plagued with stress fractures, then a torn soleus muscle (which I'm still nursing, but it's workable), and finally I took a dime-sized chunk of flesh out of my left heel on 4-28. This morning is my first run since the brick I did on 4-26. It may not be pretty, but I WILL finish this race next saturday, and I WILL come in under the 2-hr cut off. Then next year, I'll set a PR under 1:30:00.

I believe my wife is going to let me run the Mighty Mite Sprint in July, and I'm pretty sure we're both running the sprint up in Heber Springs, AR in Oct... that'll be my tri season with a 4K at the end of Dec and whatever else I can fill my time with.


Zoxe 05-10-14 05:58 PM

Triathlon #1 for the year is complete. This was a sprint distance course; I had done the Oly course last year (Swim/Bike only). Mrs. Zoxe joined me for the sprint so we could make each other nervous in line to swim.

I PR'd my sprint distance by taking 7 minutes off my previous best. The weather was great. The water was COLD, so cold (open water swim). Even with a full-sleeve wetsuit, it was COLD.

I did manage a super quick 400 swim at 6:16. This is blazingly fast for me, probably in part due to the cold temp motivation.

As with all races, I learned a few things. I drifted wide in the last leg of the swim because I got lax on my sighting. I lost a minute or more in T1 because I fought my equipment and had to pause and regroup before setting out, and lost time again in T2 because of similar problems (forgot my bib number and had to go back for it).

Equipment changes (wheels, seat, aero bars) on the Bianchi made in the offseason worked well and will pay off on a longer course. Very happy with my rig at the moment.

My run speed was a PR for my 5k distance. I felt like I struggled with it, so was glad to get the time I did. I don't enjoy running and really hadn't prep'd much for it, and I am glad to be done with it. :)

This venue tends to be more competitive than another race I've done (Naperville IL). My time today would have been a solid middle of the pack up there (if not upper 40%), but I was 8/10 in my division today. The number of guys doing sprints wearing Full and Half IM logo equipment and IM stickers on their bikes was astounding. Very competitive crowd. Sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not - makes me want to find more speed.

I'm back to the same venue in a month for an AQbike -- swim, bike, no run ... Olympic distance this time.

WebFootFreak 05-18-14 02:52 PM

it was ugly... BUT I MADE IT!!!!!
Memphis in May Sprint
440yd swim - 13:04.7 (3:15/100)
T1 - 4:28.7
12mi bike - 49:04.8 (14.67mph)
T2 - 2:10.6
3.1 Run - 42:59.8 (14:19/mi)
Overall: 1:51:48.9 Raced as a Clyde: 11/22. AG would have been 43/57. I finished after 387/617 on the overall list (Clydes/Athenas are seperate?)
This race did not go as planned... but I didn't expect it to, lol! Race start was 50F and raining, so I was standing there in my shorts shivering my butt off. TT start every :03, so I had my goggles on my head, and forgot to PUT THEM ON! I dove in the water, felt something smack my nose and wondered why everything was so murky... yeah... Had to stop to put on my goggles, got them upside down and had to do it again! Once I got going it wasn't bad. My pace was okay, my sighting was okay and the couple of kicks I took to the head didn't slow me down either. Overall, slower than I hoped, but I also realize that swimming laps allows me to push off the sides when I change direction... need to stop that. T1 was slow because of the mud, and I kept my top packed and out of the rain. Easier to put on a dry shirt than a wet one. Also I put my running shoes on as I am still on flat pedals. The bike felt good. I had a tailwind that I failed to take advantage of, but I keep reeling in riders and that kept me going. I did hit a good headwind on 1 leg of the loop, but I geared down and spun my butt off. Getting passed like I was standing still by 15yr olds was kind of weird tho, hehehe. T2 was another run through the mud. My gloves slowed me down, but not much. Dropped my helmet, grabbed a last swig of water and a GU and took off.... and crashed. :(. All the issues I've been having with my right soleus hit me on the run. I limped most of the way and ran when I could. the most depressing part is that I NEVER GOT OUT OF BREATH... my running was 100% impacted by my (bleeeeep) leg! I managed to gimp across the finish line, and pretty much fell over in pain. After all this, the main point is that I finished. I did not quit. I want to do this again!!!
Going to set up an appt to get my leg checked out and see what can be done about it. I'm glad that today is a built-in rest day because I feel like I've been run over by a truck (physically and emotionally). I will be back at the Y tomorrow morning before work getting ready for the next one! The goal this year was to make it in under 2hrs and before they cut the clocks... Next year I want to finish in under 1:30:00.


Zoxe 06-07-14 07:20 PM

WFF, thought I replied to say congrats, but obviously I didn't. Sounds like a solid first attempted. Hope the knee is better!

Tri/Multisport event #2 for the year was today. I did Olympic Aquabike and Mrs. Zoxe did the Sprint course again.

She took 6 minutes off of her time from a month ago, on the same course under similar weather conditions (a touch warmer, but no wind either time). The formal bike fitting we did for her appears to really help - her legs weren't as trashed at the end of the bike and she could push more in the run.

My Aqbike time today was 9 seconds slower than last year on the same course. 9 seconds!! I had a quicker T1 but was a touch slower on the bike compared to last year. I got a very similar time in the swim, but this year the sighting on the long course was pretty bad -- fewer buoys and the glare on the return leg (~700m) was so bad, everybody was stopping swimming every 20 or 50 yards to get their bearings. If you were right on top of a buoy, you could see them, but once past you were swimming blind or hoping the guy in front of you could see (and knowing they were just as blind as you). You went like that until you got in range of the next one. We swam in a big pack, and it cost me time instead of passing folks like I wanted to.

Anyway, I'm not signed up for anything at the moment, so that might be my season. Time to heal up a bit and maybe do some longer touring bike rides later this fall.

WebFootFreak 06-08-14 12:26 PM

6 minutes is BEAST! Pass on my congrats to the Mrs! As far as being 9 seconds slow... I've always considered being anywhere withing 30 seconds (up or down) of a previous time to be good and consistant (consistent?) especially over longer distances.

It turns out I had a minor tear of my right Soleus muscle. It's that little bugger that's under the calf muscle. I'm rehabbing, training and preparing to run the Mighty Mite Sprint in Forrest City, AR on 7-19. It's a little bit different because this one is a point to point race instead of one common transition area. It's also a touch longer in the swim and bike. TBH, that'll probably about finish my season. Before next year I need to buckle down, shed some more weight and improve my disciplines

bfs2 06-09-14 06:23 AM

Congrats @WebFootFreak, 1:51 is an awesome time! If I get that in August I'll be beyond excited.

Have another question for everyone, I found a pair of XXL Pearl Izumi Elite tri shorts at Marshall's for $25! (Originally $80) that fit great but don't really know what to wear as a top post swimming. I normally run and bike in a long sleeve under armour 1/4 zip, I like having the extra fabric to wipe my face. Let's be honest too as a clyde my arms aren't exactly ripped like Charles Atlas for a sleeveless. Is wearing long sleeves illegal? I know they paint your # on your arms but I was thinking I'd also have another # pinned on? Probably another dumb question but I am a complete beginner at this. Thanks as always.

WebFootFreak 06-09-14 06:59 AM

I appreciate that bfs2, thanks!

As many arm warmers/compresion sleeves as I've seen (in person and race coverage photos) I'd be surprised if they're illegal. For me I wear a sleeveless G9 (Target) wicking shirt under a regular t-shirt. It helps disguise the bounce, but it also gives me a dry outer layer (mostly). I've only the one bike jersey, and I got it a week ago... Zoxe would be a bigger info storehouse on the ins and outs. But the one race I was in I was marked, then had a number stuck on the swim cap, bike helmet, bike and shirt...

bfs2 06-09-14 07:29 AM

Thanks for the DM @WebFootFreak, I don't have enough posts to respond. All information is certainly appreciated since I'm so new to this. I sweat buckets so a cotton tshirt isn't an option over a tech shirt, I've found that chafing results when I do that.

I don't mind going sleeveless if it's required but would be more comfortable in an at least a sleeved shirt or long sleeve. I contstantly wipe my face on my shoulder or wrist so that extra fabric really helps.

Zoxe 06-09-14 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by bfs2 (Post 16834158)
Congrats @WebFootFreak, 1:51 is an awesome time! If I get that in August I'll be beyond excited.

Have another question for everyone, I found a pair of XXL Pearl Izumi Elite tri shorts at Marshall's for $25! (Originally $80) that fit great but don't really know what to wear as a top post swimming. I normally run and bike in a long sleeve under armour 1/4 zip, I like having the extra fabric to wipe my face. Let's be honest too as a clyde my arms aren't exactly ripped like Charles Atlas for a sleeveless. Is wearing long sleeves illegal? I know they paint your # on your arms but I was thinking I'd also have another # pinned on? Probably another dumb question but I am a complete beginner at this. Thanks as always.

You will also likely have your agegroup and bib # written on the back of your calves. I always feel like a walking billboard with all the marking that goes on. :)

Depending on the race temp, quite a few folks will be going shirtless for the swim and then will find a t-shirt/jogging shirt or short sleeved bike jersey to toss on in T1. I did my first several this way and it works fine.

I would tell the body markers (the folks with the big sharpie that are going to give you the "raceday tatoo") what you intend to do and I doubt you'll have a conflict. My May race, it was chilly and there were a lot of long sleeves (Wetsuits as well as bike gear). For the folks in long sleeves, they marked the back of your hand instead of your shoulders. Maybe they would mark both for you?

Marking (and bib numbers, and stickers on helmet, and stickers on bike, and, and, and...) seems to change subtley each race. We had differences this past weekend at the same venue with same race director only 1mo apart! Bottom line is I would NOT expect them to outlaw long sleeves if that's your preference. They always seem to be trying to balance inconvenience to the racers with sharing information with race staff, USAT officials, and even the course photographers. If the race director can be contactable (most are on facebook), you might toss the question out. Otherwise, just ask a lot of questions either at packet pickup or raceday morning and you should be fine.

Let us know how it goes!

bfs2 06-11-14 11:30 AM

Big ups to @Zoxe, I did a reverse? brick (ran 1.75 miles, then bike 20 miles) and holy cow. My legs are completely wrecked and I lost like 6 pounds of water weight during the workout. I can't imagine doing that for the first time in the race. Thanks for all the great input from everyone here.

Zoxe 06-11-14 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by bfs2 (Post 16842026)
Big ups to @Zoxe, I did a reverse? brick (ran 1.75 miles, then bike 20 miles) and holy cow. My legs are completely wrecked and I lost like 6 pounds of water weight during the workout. I can't imagine doing that for the first time in the race. Thanks for all the great input from everyone here.

Hah, yah. Bricks suck, but they pay off. :)

WebFootFreak 06-17-14 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by Zoxe (Post 16843052)
Hah, yah. Bricks suck, but they pay off. :)

Amen :)

bfs2 08-06-14 06:56 AM

Did my last brick this morning 20 mi bike/2 mi run, have the race coming up on Sunday. I plan on doing some light swimming tomorrow and taking Friday and Saturday off. Any last minute tips for a first tri? I have two water cages on my bike, a gel to eat near the end of the bike for some needed propulsion (LOL) on what will be a strugglerun. Thanks again for such an informational forum...I'm down 30 lbs since April and looking forward to more.

Zoxe 08-06-14 08:45 AM

I try to eat a fairly normal breakfast on race day, and a fairly mundane dinner the night before. Hard to do if you're in a hotel, but race weekend is not the time to experiment with unknown foods.

Warm up in the water if at all possible. Gives you something to burn off nervous energy.

Empty empty empty your bladder before the race. Wee in the pool if you have to during the swim (I won't tell anyone). I know the pro's let 'er fly whenever (gross), but for us mortals trying to bike while needing to wee is a distraction you don't need.

Don't be wrenching on your bike right before the race, but I do make a short (low effort) shakedown ride the Thurs or Fri before a race. Put eyeballs on your tires & spokes for slices/damage before the shakedown ride, so you can swap a tire and still get a few miles on it for insurance.

If you have a trip odometer, remember to reset it before you go to swim.

Pay attention to the wind on an unfamiliar course. One race, I assumed the wind was out of the SW. I went bombing out on the course, just absolutely killing my normal pace and thinking "man, when I turn around and come back with the wind, I am REALLY going to fly." At the turnaround, I found out the wind was from the NE and I was spent. Doh.

If you've never opened/eaten a gel while riding, try it in advance.

Most important: Have fun!

Good luck!

WebFootFreak 08-10-14 02:49 PM

I may be a bit late with this but...

Keep in mind that you've already done the distances, ergo there's not a chance you will fail.

I've 4 weeks until my 2nd sprint. The only change I've made is the addition of clipless pedals. Two shoe changes for me this time!

bfs2 08-11-14 06:36 AM

So completed first triathlon yesterday, finished in 1:55 flat which was better than I expected. Took the swim pretty easy, mixed breast stroke and freestyle to save energy. Went well other than feet cramps due to the water temp.

Bike was a complete mess, had to get off bike and repair a seat post that collapsed into the hole...probably cost me 4 minutes right there. The "moderate to hilly" description of the course was rather lacking, my GPS said over 2000 feet of elevation climbed. Last 3 miles had a great headwind as well, a real stinger for the legs. I cursed myself the entire time for not having a road bike.

The "run" turned into a mud slog due to all the rain we got this weekend, that along with half the course being uphill (2 laps) turned my run into a 40 minute sufferfest. Walked a few times just to get wind back. Oh well, I didn't come in DFL and still beat my goal of 2 hours. Thanks again for all the great advice, I was able to warm up in the pool and that helped for sure.

11:15 400M swim, 2:10 T1, 60:00 15 mile bike, 0:55 T2, 39:42 5k run. Need a road bike and more run training for next time.

WebFootFreak 08-11-14 07:05 AM

Welcome to the brotherhood of the insane :D

Congrats on the finish! Now you're going to have that little voice in your head saying: "Yeah... I can cut time here, here and here and beat mytime next year!" lol!

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