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TechKnowGN 04-13-10 06:10 PM

Daffonce - We'll definitely have to meet up for a workout for sure. Ive got a long way to go to catch up to you, but at my highest I was north of 380 so Ive already made some good progress.

Mwchandler21 - Welcome!! You wont die, I walked a few 5ks at the end of short triathlons last year and got through it just fine. I was tired and sore, but I did it. And you can too!

daffonce 04-14-10 11:23 AM

Tech as a question how often do you go out and run. I know after the half marathon when i started to prepare for doing a few triathlons this year that I quickly realized that my running went downhill big time if i didn't run at least 3 times a week (this is also the max times a week I can run to avoid shin splints and plantars). I was doing 2 days a week running and my speed and endurance dropped dramatically within a month or so. Therefore I now run in the evening on my swim days (swim early am). Takes a bit of getting used to but I truly believe you gotta run 3X a week (and not consecutive days) to really ramp up running.

mceagle555 04-14-10 10:32 PM

Hello all. First post on and I found my way here while researching a road bike.

Name: Tom
Age: 27
Clyde/Athena: Clyde
Size: 6'7" - 300 lb (Down from 313)
# of Tri's Completed: 0
Tri's Registered for: DC Sprint Triathlon on 6/5 (800m/20k/6.7k)

So i've been into swimming for about 3 months now and have worked my way up to 2,000 yd x 3 days per week (Roughly 42 min swim time). That's double the swim distance, do I'm fairly confident on the swim. (I guess I'm the opposite of everyone else) I'm doing 20 mile rides on the weekend with not too much trouble, but my Achilles heel (no pun intended) will be the run. I pretty much despise running. That being said, I'm not going to waste the $110 registration fee and I'm getting my butt into shape.

I'd welcome any advice from fellow Clydes and what to expect from my first tri. I don't have a time goal, just a desire to finish.

daffonce 04-15-10 09:09 AM

welcome. the first thing on running is you need to ease into it. big dudes are susceptible to overuse injuries (i.e. shin splints and plantar fascitas and others). I would only run every other day max to start or you risk the above. go to a good running specific store and have them watch you walk/run to determine if you over/under pronate. you want a good pair of running shoes, they can recommend ones that will give you the right support and minimize injuries. also on the running front stretching before and after will do a lot to prevent injuries. running is an impact sport for most of your body, the more flexible you are the better off you are. all that said getting up to running a 5-10k doesn't take that long, but whatever you do don't over train running (back to back days) shin splints, plantars, or achilies tendintis will stop you dead in your tracks.

daffonce 04-17-10 03:23 PM

So I completed my first brick today. I had tried one 2 weekends ago, but it was the day after a long ride. my legs were dead and the running just wasn't there. Today I did 30 minutes on the bike on the indoor trainer, I rode it pretty hard and worked up quiet the sweat. I then put on some shorts shirt and running shoes and ran to the gym, then I did another 2 miles on the treadmill (it is like 40 and raining here today so I didn't feel like training outside). All of it on pretty dead legs so I have gained some further confidence in my training for a triathlon.

TechKnowGN 04-20-10 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by daffonce (Post 10669837)
Tech as a question how often do you go out and run. .

My plan calls for me to be running 3 days a week. Thats about what ive been averaging, and I can tell when I go too long between runs to be sure.

TechKnowGN 04-20-10 10:25 AM

Mceagle55 - Welcome! thats a good speed for 2k yards!

it sounds like youre putting in the right prep for the race distance. the bing thing id take into account is the fact that you havent done transitions, so think about how you want to be organized in terms of your gear at the transition point(s). if the bike and run transition are in the same spot, thats easier. some races have them split up, so you need to remember to put your running shoes at the second transition spot. And dont forget to bring something to wear prior to your swim after you put your running and biking clothes in transition. Assuming you arent wearing a trip suit that is.

Big Dee 04-20-10 12:39 PM

Name: Dennis
Age: 49
Clyde/Athena: Clyde
# of Triathlons completed: 0
Longest race: None
Next Race: June 20, 2010 - Dad's Day Tri (.25 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 3.1 mile run)

OK, I'm cheating here. I'm not doing the whole triathlon. :( I'm part of a relay team and I'm just doing the bike portion. This past weekend my wife (a beautiful Athena) competed in her very first triathlon - The Cocoa Beach Triathlon - as a relay team member and loved it. Seems like an easy way to break into the world of triathlons. I have to say that the team spirit and camaraderie she experienced with her friends convinced me to give it a go.

TechKnowGN 04-21-10 09:26 AM

We all start somewhere. Welcome Big Dee. I'm not surprised to find some members of Bike Forums breaking into Tri's this way. Had I known about relays and found a team willing to do it, I may well have done the very same thing when I started.

kidcymucks 04-21-10 05:53 PM

Name: Lamar
Age: 32
Clyde/Athena: Clyde
# of Triathlons completed: 1
Longest race: Rumpass in Bumpass Sprint (750m swim/12mile bike/3.1mile run)
Next Race: Kinetic Sprint (750m swim/18mile bike/3.1mile run)

Just completed my first Sprint distance triathlon this past weekend. It included an open water swim in Lake Anna State Park. I was scared ****less since it was my first attempt at open water swimming. However, I made it through, then the bike was pretty easy. I did jog most of the 3.1mile run course, but my time was still pretty slow since I have just recently been allowed to run by my physical therapist. I have Kinetic coming up in a couple more weeks and hopefully it goes well. I don't think I'll ever truly be comfortable with the open water swim portion, but I guess practice is the only way to overcome my nerves.

abqtj 04-22-10 06:39 AM


Originally Posted by abqtj (Post 10500620)
I might be in for one in May, since I opened up my big mouth, too!

Name: Steve
Age: 40
Clyde/Athena: Clyde
# of Triathlons completed: 0

I'm looking at a Sprint Tri here in Albuquerque in May (the Jay Benson, if you've heard of it). I do have a question, though. They list the Clyde/Athena group as 200+ and under 40 yrs old...does that sound right? Not that my grouping matters much to me (except to make sure the field isn't closed) since my goal is to finish without being dead at the end!

I got a road bike yesterday and am beginning to ride/train a little. I won't break any records, but want to try it and have fun. We'll see, I'm still on the fence about entering I guess.


Originally Posted by TechKnowGN (Post 10502275)
There are usually a couple of Clydesdale groups, by age. some assume if youre over 40, you're on a pretty even playing field as most who are not elites, and are over 40 are in some sort of less than ideal shape. I personally am not a believer in that train of thought.

Just wait til you finish, you wont be on the fence anymore. ive never met anyone who has signed up for just one. i was nervous before I signed up too. I will never regret signing up for that race. I just regret i couldnt afford to do more.

For your first race i recommend a few things:

1. The "just finish" goal. dont set too many overall expectations on yourself other than to finish and have fun.
2. Think about it as 3 races, and not one big one. Dont worry about how long you'll take in transition or anything like that. Its way more important to start each phase with a relative amount of comfort that youre ready to go out on the course for that next phase.
3. Set a simple time goal for each phase. take what you did in training, and instead of going faster than that, think "i just want to do what i did in training" shoot for those times, not any faster. And if you dont make them, dont worry.

Theres always next time.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

So I missed out on the entry to the Jay Benson, it filled up in less than 5 days!

But I registered for a sprint tri in Santa Fe for July and have begun "training" for it. I found what looks to be a good 10-week training program for beginners online and will try to stick to that. Yesterday I did the first running portion and it was only 15 minutes, with 10 of that walking...and I'm STILL tired today! :notamused:

I carried my Garmin 500 with me so I could get my HR data, etc.

I hope I can get the HR down to a reasonable number soon!

gatx 04-23-10 08:58 AM

6'4" 235lbs
Tris completed-2 indoor tris
Upcoming Tris-Caveman Triathlon, Flower Mound TX 4/25/10

Attempting my 1st "real" triathlon after trying two indoor triathlons thru Lifetime Fitness. This one consists of a 275yd swim, 11 mi bike and 5k. I will do the swim in about 4:30, hope to do the bike in 33 mins and the run under 33 mins. I am not a strong runner, so my hope is to keep a consistent, steady pace throughout. Maybe the adrenaline will kick in for that extra kick!

TechKnowGN 04-23-10 12:23 PM

abqtj - Some races fill up fast every year. Usually its the sign of an AWESOME race. Doesnt mean others that fill up slower arent. sometimes two races on the same day make both fill slower.

gatx - Welcome!! Those are great goals for a first outdoor race. Good luck!

gatx 04-26-10 09:17 AM

So, completed the Caveman Triathlon in Flower Mound TX on Sunday. Finished 192 out of 558 overall, 14th overall in Clydesdale Category and 7th in the 1-39 Clyde group.
Swim-4:09.0 23rd overall--faster than planned!
Bike-45.50.0 178th overall-16.8mph pace--slower than planned but pretty windy
Run-28:20.0 274th overall-9:08 pace--over a minute faster than planned!

NinjaMilitia 04-26-10 09:31 AM

Hi everybody--new comer to this thread.
I have a sprint in July, in Loveland, CO. (my first tri) I have been training since the beginning of the year, but have been exercising for a couple of years before that, but still with not much to show in terms of weight loss (6'1" @235). I don't really feel like my overall aerobic capacity or endurance are improving. I can do intervals on the treadmill for 3 miles in 30 minutes (with warm up/cool down, all out for two minutes followed by slower pace and walking) but when i try to jog 3 miles at a steady pace, i still end up walking for a couple of minutes out of every ten. Any suggestions about how to increase distance without these stops? I am becoming really frustrated by needing so many breaks.

Swimming is the same--after about 250m, i need to catch my breath, then i can keep going

Cycling is fine, but probably only because the terrain varies enough to allow me to ease up every once and awhile.

Any suggestions? Also, i'm not registered as a Clyde, i don't know if that will effect my moral when my heat passes me early...

abqtj 04-26-10 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by gatx (Post 10724359)
So, completed the Caveman Triathlon in Flower Mound TX on Sunday. Finished 192 out of 558 overall, 14th overall in Clydesdale Category and 7th in the 1-39 Clyde group.
Swim-4:09.0 23rd overall--faster than planned!
Bike-45.50.0 178th overall-16.8mph pace--slower than planned but pretty windy
Run-28:20.0 274th overall-9:08 pace--over a minute faster than planned!

That's awesome! Congrats on the finish and the great results!

TechKnowGN 04-27-10 12:51 PM

gatx - congrats! You did very well. Expecting to average 20MPH in the first sprint of the season is ambitious, so don't feel anything other than successful. I am incredibly jealous of your run time. i dont think that I'll be close to a 30 minute 5k until late in the season.

TechKnowGN 04-27-10 12:54 PM

Ninjamilitia - Have you thought about increasing your training intervals over time to where youre doing mostly running not walking? A couch to 5k would be an example of how to push yourself slowly past your current plateau.

If you decide you want to move groups to the clyde group, you may well be able to. most race directors have no problem with that, especially as youre definitely capable of claiming newbie status throughout your entire first season.

NinjaMilitia 04-29-10 10:06 PM

Hey, thanks! At a slower pace, i can walk a lot less, but I'm still working through running 5k w/o breaks, or at least faster than 30:00. Would changing groups make a difference at all?

and because i'm new...

Name: Patrick
Age: 24
Clyde/Athena: Clyde (6'1" @ 235)
# of Triathlons completed: 0

Next question: any one else have horrible chaffing on the nips??

TechKnowGN 04-30-10 11:19 AM

Patrick -

I dunno if it'll make a difference. Some times it happens that the Clydesdale group is small and relatively inexperienced, and you'll clearly finish higher.

The other option would be to see if they have a newbie group. Again, it really depends on how strong the newbie class is.

I'd probably recommend staying in the Clydesdale group if you're in it.

As for the nips, use your saddle cream. I recommend bodyglide under my tri / cycling top and for using a wetsuit.

daffonce 05-01-10 03:11 PM

Tech here are a few tips on running. I don't know if you read any of the articles on, but they have lots of great workout ideas and running tips for free. Now I am about your size, I am currently weighing in around 290, I was like 315 when I started training for my half marathon last year. Obviously trying to get up the the 13 mile point is just a pure determination thing, there is nothing to it besides be willing to go out spend the time and running a long distance (even if it is slow and you walk). As for the other 2 days which I run during the week each usually has a point if I am trying to get faster (I like to average sub 10 minute miles (9:30 ish) for 5-10K races). On long runs I shoot for 10:30-11:30 minute miles.

The two main workouts that will make you a stronger/faster runner are the two crappiest workouts speed work and hill work. Speed work you can do outside or on the treadmill. Hill work I prefer to do on a treadmill (because you don't have to the run downhill which is awful for you joints especially being big).

Speed work: You can do it one of 2 ways

start with 0.5 mile warm up run keep it kinda slow 12-13 minute mile if that is what you do on your long runs

after the warm up portion run 0.25 miles or 2:30 at 10 minute mile pace

Then do 0.25 or 2:30 at the 12-13 minute mile pace, walk the beginning of it if need be

alternate do 4-6 of them

Once you can run all the 1/4 miles at your target pace and jog all the 1/4 mile cool downs at your target pace move it up to 0.5 fast and 0.25 slow

You will be out of breath like a mofo after the fast laps, slow down and catch your breath on the cool down.

Hill work: Run all of this work out or as much as you can at your long run pace or a nice easy pace that you can sustain

Again run a 1/2 mile warm up.

Then crank up the incline to 4% run there for 3 minutes (it will be tough as heck)

Crank the incline down to 1% run 3 minutes (walk at the beginning if need be)

Do 4 repeats and then run a half mile cool down flat.

Both workouts will get you used to running at a higher heart rate. It will get you used to running at higher paces, you will string it together, and it will teach you to recover after over exerting yourself on hills.

On a running form side it is hard to change your stride. You can try to make it so you aren't landing hard on your heels. One thing you can concentrate on is while you are running try to not bounce. watch someone that is running fast, they do not go up and down much at all. if you are going up and down you are wasting energy you want to go forward. every time you go higher you are exerting energy that isn't helping you go forward. also just as swimming you want to be quiet. listen to your feet landing you want to land soft not crash down. Both of these things are tough to maintain as you become tired. do it as long as you can and eventually it will become habit. Oh and if working out on a treadmill always run at a 1% incline, this accounts for wind resistance outside.

gatx 05-03-10 09:23 AM

Tech, I agree with this! You have to train yourself to run, especially if you are like me and HATE to run! I practiced at shorter distances until I could complete those at the target pace. after each "victory", I increased the distance just a bit to keep it realistic but still challenging. After a while, I got up to my target distance, where I could complete without any walking, then I just worked on upping the pace. My biggest thing was not worrying about keeping up with others, just running my race and where I knew I was comfortable. Also, the thing daffonce mentioned about running quietly is good too. The more noise you make as your foot hits the ground equals more energy lost. Try to run light (I know, hard at our weights!) and fluid, no bouncing, just focusing on moving forward. You'll get it!

Getting into the Clydesdale group is good for the psychie, it's hard to compare yourself to guys who are 5'8' 130lbs, seeing where you rate in a category with guys more equal to your size is more realistic. Then you can take your total time and compare where you would have placed in the regular open category, and you may be surprised! We always have the "I'm carrying 100(+) extra lbs than you and I still did this..." to say in our heads!

TechKnowGN 05-03-10 10:45 AM

daffonce and gatx - Thanks guys! That's basically what Im doing now. Yesterday I started the day with a run. My stamina falls apart pretty quick especially with my allergies as theyve been.

Yesterday Morning, I did 1 mile with a 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 4:45 minute run for a 12:45 mile. Took a break, then did 10 minutes with a 5 minute run. 2.5 min walk, 2.5 minute run.

In the evening I did a 3 minute run 3 minute walk 3 minute run 3 minute walk and ran the last 1:20 to finish off the mile at 13:19. I rested for a bit and ran 1/2 mile in 6:19.

abqtj 05-03-10 09:23 PM

Had my toughest training workout so far yesterday. My friend, Jay, who talked me in to all of this, said he'd ride with me, then take me to the pool to show me some swimming drills to work on. Yesterday was my first time in the pool in a long time (and never as an actual workout).

11 mile ride, with 2.5 miles of it in the middle being a climb from 5250ft to 5750ft. I didn't break any land speed records, but I made it

Then headed to the gym to work on some swimming. Jay did a GREAT job of giving me some drills to help work on my form and lots of other great tips too. Ended up swimming about 300 meters, along with a few other laps of drills here and there. Hopefully my endurance will improve. But for day one in the pool, I managed to complete 3/4's of the distance in the tri I'm doing.

After that we hit the hot tub for a bit...actually WAY longer than we should have. Stayed in for around 15 mins or so and when we got out, I was a little light-headed. Went to the locker room and did NOT feel good. Filled my water bottle and took a swig...UGH! Hot water, wtf?!? Add to that the sauna room being there and the showers running and it was way too stuffy and hot for me.

So I went back to the hallway and proceeded to be "that guy" and sat against the wall for, oh 5 minutes or so...until Jay came and found me. I really felt like I was going to pass out a couple of times just sitting there. No bueno.

Oh...and when I got home I went to upload the log from the ride and my Garmin tried to update the firmware (which took 11ty billion tries). Once it did, my data was wiped, so I have no pretty maps and graphs from my ride. Bummer.

robmckim2 05-04-10 09:09 AM

Newbie to the site and I'm loving the Clyde/Athena section!!!

Name: Robert
Age: 37
Clyde: 5'7" 230#
Triathlons: None yet, it's a goal I have this year!

I'm still reading and trying to catch up on this thread, I'm sure I'll have questions and comments later!! Again, great thread!!

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