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turtlewoman 08-21-09 03:50 PM

I hate Cyclistats*********!!!
Well, I'm sure it's a very good program but, dang it, it listed my BMI as 39.5! My system of denial just wasn't ready for that. Too much information if you ask me!!:cry:

turtlewoman 08-21-09 03:52 PM

It's supposed to say, "I HATE cyclistats". But I misspelled it and now the edit won't let me change it. What a day!!!!!

Little Darwin 08-21-09 04:05 PM

Changed the title for you.

turtlewoman 08-21-09 04:08 PM

Thank you!!!!

Cyril 08-21-09 04:35 PM

i've been following your posts, turtlewoman.
i find them thoughtful, kind, and entertaining......thankyou!

gotta ask: Whats BMI?


RatedZeroHero 08-21-09 04:41 PM

Burrito Makers Index...

High Fist Shin 08-21-09 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by RatedZeroHero (Post 9533713)
Burrito Makers Index...



Originally Posted by Cyril (Post 9533692)
i've been following your posts, turtlewoman.
i find them thoughtful, kind, and entertaining......thankyou!

gotta ask: Whats BMI?


Body Mass Index

turtlewoman 08-21-09 06:05 PM

Thank you, Cyril, for the kind words. One thing I really like about the C/A forum is how supportive everybody is. I know I can always get a good word and a helping hand and that's what makes me keep coming back! Thanks everyone.

bluegoatwoods 08-21-09 06:28 PM

Okay. But what would be the right BMI?

turtlewoman 08-21-09 06:50 PM

Well, bluegoatwoods, I'm sure the BMI is right. I just wasn't ready to hear it!!

ntime60 08-21-09 06:57 PM

All it is saying is you need a grow a couple more inches ;-)

Keep at it. We all have our daze. Keep pedaling.:speedy:

turtlewoman 08-21-09 07:08 PM

Grow---a----couple----more-----inches? That's a great idea. I think there's a doctor in Taiwan who will stretch you for the right price.

Bigboxeraf 08-21-09 07:31 PM

If it makes you feel any better my BMI is cheese and bacon.

turtlewoman 08-21-09 07:36 PM

Thanks, bigboxeraf, I knew I loved Brooklyn for a reason!!

Tex_Arcana 08-21-09 07:48 PM

I'm on (not .org) I'm using their tools like Daily Plate and Lances Loops and the advice I'm getting on diabetes is pretty good. Only problem is I've got all this stuff to keep track of. I'm way low on calories, but I'm probably not doing so hot with my sodium and carb intake. I know having a couple of eggs in the morning seems to shoot my cholesterol all to heck. Maybe I need more of those "empty calories" I keep hearing about. Do they make those with just the calories but with out the sodium, carbs and cholesterol? I know last Wednesday when I did my 25 miles my total calorie intake for the whole day was 350-ish.

Yeah, there is a BMI thing but I refuse to do it. I'm sure I'd be a svelt eight foot tall guy.

ecovelo 08-21-09 11:42 PM

BMI is a very simplistic indicator of fitness/health, and while it is very popular these days, IMHO it is widely overused and is rarely qualified in literature as the "ballpark" indicator of fitness that it is; nor does it mention in any literature that I've found, that the BMI indicator is exclusive of a substantial population of people. Any indicator of fitness that only considers height and weight, will not account for body type, muscle mass, muscle and fat distribution, etc. A more accurate indicator of overall health in relation to body "mass" is body fat %.

I know from personal experience... my body type is an outlier when it comes to BMI calculations. Given my height, sex,and age, my lean body mass (total body mass (weight in lbs) - body fat (weight in lbs) is expected to fall between 70 and 95 lbs. In other words, this is the "normal" range of lean body mass for someone of my sex and height. Each time (over the course of 25yrs) I've gotten my % body fat measured, I've have had a consistent lean body mass of 119-120lbs. That means, at whatever level of fitness (or how old I am), my total body weight - the weight of my fat, has consistently come in around 119-120lbs. (As I get older and my excercise levels decline, I should lose muscle mass...but so far I've remained fairly constant.) So, ... if my % body fat were 14% (equivalent to an elite female athlete) ( I wish :rolleyes:), by BMI would be 24.9 - or just under the "overweight" category. Two more lbs would put me up to a 14.5% body fat and a BMI of over 25... which is considered "overweight". And trust me...if I were anywhere near 14.5% body fat, I would not be overweight. A similar argument could have been made in the late 70's when I so desperately tried to attain the American Heart Association target weight for my height, which was 125. I would be dead if I weighed 125 :eek: :notamused:

There is nothing wrong with knowing one's BMI - and in fact it can be an inspiring factor to track while attaining health/weight loss goals. Just keep in mind that it does not take into account muscle mass. It's easy to get caught up in "the numbers"...and when I find myself getting discouraged by them, I try to focus on my strength...and all the amazing things my body is capable of doing.

Stay strong Turtlewoman, and enjoy the strength in you emerging...:ride:

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