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roadrebel 11-08-10 03:58 AM

Being a Clydesdale sounds fine with me. 6.3" 220lbs.
Since my late 40's I happen to manage those "love handles" pretty well. So, I like to consider myself an athletic built. It's all about diet, given regular sports activity.
5lbs up or down is rather normal. I can trim down to 210lbs, but then, things get a bit too jumpy. 230lbs is clearly not comfortable on the upper end.

I've always been in the 'heavyweight' category, ever since I did some wrestling as a 13 y/o. Used to be a competetive swimmer throughout my teenage years as well, obtained a Bronze Lifeguard certificate before I was 15 y/o. Spent about 15 years on skiers every Winter (luckily never broke a bone or anything else)

I am a gym person since 27 years, been initiated by a bunch of close friends who were smack-down Arnold fans aka bodybuilders. Much to my frustration, I was the wimpiest of all. I got good schooling, though.

Cycling might even be my oldest love. Starting with a tricycle before I was 2, I quickly advanced to 2 wheels with spokes.
Thanks to my Dad, who one day just took of the support wheels, saying: "Son, you're on your own now".

Obeast 11-27-10 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by ocho (Post 9860373)
Why is 200 lbs + automatically considered fat or over weight?

What about the unfortunate individuals who are sub 5'10" and 250lbs+? What are they (I avoid "we") called?

jethro56 11-28-10 05:28 AM

One of us. Welcome!

Schwinnhund 12-02-10 06:14 AM

Well.....I got this way by eating like a horse, so the label fits, in my case......

I stepped on a pay scale at a Festival last month, and it said "One at a time, please...."

When I went to the zoo last week, people threw ME peanuts....

jethro56 12-02-10 06:55 AM

I'm required to notify Greenpeace if I go swimming.

lphilpot 12-04-10 08:51 PM

I went from 6'1" and 145 lbs at high school graduation to (still about) 6'1"+ and 236 lbs at nearly 52 years old. I think time (not to mention home cooking and surely too many honeybuns along the way :rolleyes:) has firmly caught up with me. I don't think I qualify for association with the Clyde's powerful image, but FWIW I am out of shape... :-)

As of last spring, I've gotten back on a bike after a 33 year absence and hope riding will help my pretty shallow endurance ramp up a bit (both muscular as well as cardiopulmonary). If I can get down to 200 lbs, I'll feel better and be able to wear lots of clothes currently languishing in my closet.

dfritch 12-22-10 11:59 PM

I never thought of it being derogatory term. I'm healthy and proud of what I have accomplished and stay focused when I hanging on in a group chasing the skinny riders. Just wait, some day I will be a force to be reckoned with! I also very popular when it is windy, because everyone loves drafting on me!! lol

ALC_4_me 04-21-11 06:32 PM

I kinda like the use of Clydes and Athenas - it reminds me of when I lost my luggage in Amsterdam. Instead of going to the "Big and Tall" store, I went to the "High and Mighty" store.

bigbadwullf 04-27-11 11:28 AM

Clodsdale would fit me better. Hmmm. Can I get letters for my Cannondale...

Six jours 04-29-11 08:08 PM

I'm 6'1" and 205 pounds. And I'm a fat tub of goo. My "healthy" weight maxes at 190. My preferred weight is 180. My racing weight, lo those many years ago, was 168.

Frankly, I reject the "Clydesdale" moniker for myself because I think it's a dishonest euphemism. I got fat by eating too much and not exercising enough, and I'm not going to hide the facts behind pretty words.

Having said all that, it's not my business what other people want to do. You can be a "Clyde" if you want - and just because 180 pounds is good for my build doesn't mean anything about anyone else's. Heck, I was primarily a track racer and there were/are plenty of those folks who are 6' 1", 205 pounds - and 5% body fat. What do you call a guy who's 6' 1", 205 pounds, and 5% body fat? I dunno, but "sir" is a good place to start!

diverkiwi 06-06-11 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by Obeast (Post 11850857)
What about the unfortunate individuals who are sub 5'10" and 250lbs+? What are they (I avoid "we") called?

I'm there with ya.
I wanna be in this group!

2 years ago I was 300+, a couple monts ago I was 275 and I started riding last month and I'm now 265.
I doubt i'll ever be under 200, but I don't care, I don't think I would be healthy at my "ideal weight."

Sean T 06-21-11 05:41 PM

Clydesdales were never bred for battle. FYI.


Originally Posted by Tom Stormcrowe (Post 9541378)
Why a Clydesdale? The term actually comes from the Triathlon World, for a male athlete over 200 pounds and/or over 6 feet tall. This was never a derogatory term, though. The Clydesdale is a massive and powerful charger, bred for battle originally; not hauling around a beer wagon, to carry an armored knight into combat. They were the time periods equivalent of the M1 Abrams Tank.....large, fast, and unstoppable.

Why an Athena? Look at Greek art, and the idealized form. The Greek culture portrayed the Goddess Athena as, well......statuesque. To be an Athena, you are not going to be a skinny little stick girl. Athena was the Patroness Goddess of Athens, and was not only the goddess of the gift of wisdom, she was a warrior Goddess, portrayed as a large, well muscled, strong and athletic woman that embodies the ideals of wisdom, knowledge, beauty, and strength. This term also comes from the Tri world, and is given to women over 150 pounds and/or 5'10".

trx1 07-05-11 12:04 PM

5'6" 210lbs last i was weighed. been riding forever. too many beers and good cooking did it 4 me. ride all the time as of now(hate the pt system here) can beat a bus most places by 2-3 mins. rockin on a old schwinn 3 spd that been converted to a cb. also have a green 10spd thats benn converted as well to a HAUL-ALL! ill stop ridin when im dead! 2 wheels good,4 wheels bad!

Myosmith 07-20-11 02:07 PM

Better a Clydesdale than a show pony anyday

CPclydesdale 07-20-11 02:53 PM

Haven't replied to this thread, but it's in my name. 6' 230lbs and I ride 4 days a week. I also work at a Bicycle/Coffee shop where I wrench and am a Baristo (Barista is too feminine). I love to hammer on my road bike and get religious on my MTB.

rickstermax 07-25-11 11:40 AM

I'm here getting back on the bike after many years away. Hoping to get down the weight is a major motivator for me.

James H Haury 08-08-11 02:36 PM

OR Fat boy or Plumper.

ShastaHawk 08-09-11 02:06 AM


Originally Posted by gtownviking (Post 11325748)
+1 Good idea!

I know I would buy a couple, one red and one black.

Speaking for myself, I'm 321 and a tad over 6 feet. I guess I'm part of the clydesdale club. Do I feel fat? Not all the time. I walk 3 to 5 miles every other day and I'm capable of playing with the nephew and nieces, along with the neighbor kids, for hours before getting worn out. I know I need to lose the weight which is why I'm going to start biking again in a few days

Don Gwinn 10-14-11 12:51 PM

6'1", currently 330, down from 395.

I do use the Clydesdale term . . . . but I also refer to myself as a Big Fat Guy. Honestly, I am a Big Fat Guy. I can see how somebody who's 6'1 and 220 muscular pounds would bristle at being lumped in with me, so that doesn't bother me much. I tell people I used to be a football player, and now I'm trying to be an athlete instead. (That way the footall players have something to bristle at, too.)

Right now, my next big goal is to be under 300 pounds by Christmas, which would be a close shave. I try not to pay too much attention to numbers, but that would put my BMI just below the "Extreme Obesity" or "Morbid Obesity" range and back into the elegantly simple "Obesity" category. Next after that is the 270-275 range, which is where I will begin to qualify for term life insurance with some companies. I do understand the positive power of ignoring my weight and doing what I want to do, but when you've been told that, objectively, a life insurance company is afraid to bet that you'll live another 20 years because your BMI is statistically correlated with unacceptably high rates of fatally bad medical events . . . . it's hard to put a positive spin on that.

However, when I posted on Bike Forums long ago, I was in the midst of losing weight, too, and I put it back on. I've made some much bigger lifestyle changes in other ways since then, so I'm hopeful this time, but I know it could end. And like many here, I don't know that I'll ever reach my "healthy" BMI, or that I'd care if I didn't--that's about 170-190 in my case, and I was in great football shape at 230 lo those many years ago.

RenTin10 10-14-11 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by Myosmith (Post 12958662)
Better a Clydesdale than a show pony anyday

Amen, brother! :lol:

BridgeNotTunnel 10-15-11 09:12 AM

I'm in.

5' 11", 260lbs.

I was 317lbs at one point back in 2009.

I have a broad thick frame and don't imagine I could be healthy at less then 180-190 lbs.

My next weight goal is 225, but my current diet is poor to say the least.

Riding 200-300 miles a month, I feel it's ridiculous to be maintaining 260 lbs.

I do feel strong, and I feel my cardio is quite good considering my size.

I realize that if I were to cut carbs and sugar again for a few months I would reach my weight goal quickly, it's just making that commitment to the diet that's always a big step for me.

It seems that I could maintain my ideal weight eating however I choose as long as I kept up the riding, I just need to get down to that weight first....

My legs may subsist on asphalt (as I like to say), but the rest of me wants bacon and candy and ice cream and french fries....

tony_merlino 11-16-11 08:13 AM

I just happened to look at this thread. I have to admit I've been semi-choking on the Clydesdale term for me. That's a big horse. I'm not big, just fat. There should be another name for us old short fat guys. (Actually, "old short fat guy" works for me :) ).

goldfinch 11-16-11 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by tony_merlino (Post 13499140)
I just happened to look at this thread. I have to admit I've been semi-choking on the Clydesdale term for me. That's a big horse. I'm not big, just fat. There should be another name for us old short fat guys. (Actually, "old short fat guy" works for me :) ).

I know what you mean. There are the big, strong men and women I envision as Clydes and Athenas. But I was just a short round woman with no strength at all. Athena doesn't quite fit. But the forum does.

tony_merlino 11-16-11 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by goldfinch (Post 13499410)
I know what you mean. There are the big, strong men and women I envision as Clydes and Athenas. But I was just a short round woman with no strength at all. Athena doesn't quite fit. But the forum does.


kc0yef 11-16-11 12:42 PM

36 spoke
I have been pondering the usage of the Clyde and Athena
I am 6'5" my wife 6'2" we aren't fat but do not discriminate
I have been called Lurch, Wookie, t00 tall 4 eyes and worse...
The Clydesdale is a term from Scotland of horses originally imported from the Netherlands being of Scottish descent I can wear that well...
So regardless of a label just ride your bike have fun...

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