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Leicester Lad 08-28-09 02:20 PM

New Clydesdale...
Hi folks,

I was very pleased to find a forum for the (ahem!) larger gentleman cyclist.

Long story short...I'm Johnny, originally from Leicester in England, now living in North Carolina. Used to be a mad-keen touring cyclist (went around the coast of Ireland on an old Dawes Galaxy 15 years ago). But a few years ago I just sort of drifted out of the sport. I drive a desk at work, and I'm well into my '30s, so...

I woke up the other day and looked in the mirror. Wished I hadn't.

As a way of getting back into cycling (and improving my fitness) I just ordered one of these:

Truth be told, I'm 6'3" and I tip the scales at (shudder) 256lbs. And it ain't's beer and bad food. Do you think this bike will take my bulk? It has a set of 700 x 32C tires on it, and they are 36 spoke wheels. For fuller specs see:

A new journey in life. Looking forward to it...



takingcontrol 08-28-09 02:28 PM

Bike should hold you fine, If your planning on spending that much why not go to your LBS? They can make sure that you have a proper fit and a test ride. For $850.00 I would want to have a local shop that would cover/help with any issues I may have.

EasyEd 08-30-09 02:03 PM

Hello and welcome! Glad you found us. It looks to me like the bike should hold you fine. 36 spoke wheels are plenty, as long as they are built right. Let us know how you like the bike when it shows up. Oh yeah, get a helmet, be safe! Nice to meet you Johnny.

Smoked 08-30-09 02:31 PM

Welcome to the fun and ever shrinking waist lines........

exile 08-30-09 02:49 PM

Welcome Leicester Lad. If you are looking for a touring bike for commuting or tours that Schwinn looks fine. However for that price I would look into the LBS route first like takingcontrol said. I bought a blue 08 Surly LHT for $900 in December of 08. They also had the Olive colored one for $850 if memory serves me correctly. Of course the bike came without pedals, fenders, and a rear rack. But if you buy from a LBS they may be able to work out a deal with you.

Leicester Lad 09-03-09 12:11 PM

Thanks for all the helpful replies folks.

I'm really looking forward to getting back into cycling, and this forum looks to be a good place to hang out when I'm not on my bike.

I looked at both the Surly LHT and the Raleigh Sojourn online, but couldn't get my hands on one locally. Have to say, I was very tempted by the Raleigh (I've had had several Raleighs in my time) but I was a little put off by the 32 spokes. Given my weight and build, 36 seemed like a safer bet.

I went with the Schwinn because although we have some great local bike stores in my area, anything in the tourer line was a lot of money, and outside of my budget. I didn't find anything suitable used, either. I was able to look at the Schwinn in person (in a smaller frame size than I require), liked what I saw, and placed an order.

With the Performance Bike sale at the moment, I got the Schwinn for a shade under $800. I've also bought a helmet (I'm a big believer in helmets, ever since one undoubtedly saved my life during a massive spill in 1994), some clipless shoes and some gloves. I also ordered a couple of Aero Tech jerseys and some shorts in appropriate Clyde-sizes.

I pick up the Schwinn after work tomorrow. Can't wait. I'm going to ease myself back in sensibly, with some runs on the longer paved cycle trails over the weekend. My long term ambition is to get back into the sport properly. Maybe aim for a 200km brevet in a year's time, if I feel ready then.

Main thing is to be back on a bike!

bautieri 09-03-09 12:34 PM

The bike looks like a dandy to me!

Make sure you post some pics of that bad boy when you get it home.

txvintage 09-03-09 12:42 PM

Welcome Johnny!

I think we're gonna get along just fine. I have a fondness for fine hand built English bikes.

May I intorduce to you my favorite long distance bike. She's one of the last truely hand built in England Super Galaxy's.

I also have a Condor, Reynolds 753, Campy Athena and Chorus mix. Built at the only place you can get one. No current pics as it is undergoing yet another transformation and removal of the Chorus stuff to make it a full Athena group. The time trial set up is long gone.

Leicester Lad 09-05-09 08:38 AM

At last!!!

Picked my new Schwinn up yesterday, and did a few miles around the various local paved cycle trails yesterday evening.

And as soon as my wife stops being selfish, leaves work, and comes home immediately in order to look after the baby, I'll be hitting the roads again...!

bautieri 09-05-09 10:33 AM

Woohoo! New bike day :beer:!!!!

gitarzan 09-05-09 11:31 AM

Welcome. That's a nice looking bike.

txvintage 09-05-09 11:45 AM

Ah, the new bike smell, gotta love it! I have had a chance to see a couple of the new Worlds up cl;ose, they seem pretty nice to me. Schwinn is really upped their ante over the Wal Mart offerings in the last couple of years with some really nice choices.

I'm jealous, you have fenders and a rack. I have the front and rear rack for my Dawes, but need to break down and buy fenders.

turtlewoman 09-05-09 12:24 PM

That is a super nice looking bike!:love: You'll gets lots of great miles out of that one.

surfjimc 09-05-09 07:50 PM

Welcome Johnny,
That's a nice looking bike. I didn't know Schwinn was still making a touring bike.
Oh, your helmet research was very good, and interesting. Thanks for posting it. I take it you work at one of the university libraries?

AiredaleII 09-08-09 06:38 PM

Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy living in North Carolina. It is a beautiful place and if you ever get a chance take at trip to the Outer Banks, it is a great place to ride.

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