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Saint1970 08-28-09 11:33 PM

Easton Wheels
Has anyone purchased the new Easton wheels-- they claim there is no weight limit. I am interested in the EA 90slx or EA 90sl's or any of the carbon models

sstorkel 08-29-09 01:48 AM

I bought a set of EA90 SL wheels at the end of last year. Well-built, very stiff wheels. I was considering the SL and the SLX but was concerned about weight, so I e-mailed Easton before purchasing. They told me that they didn't have weight limits on either wheel, but that I might feel more flex from the SLX and need to true it more often. At that time, I think I was around 185-190lbs. I was impressed that they actually responded to my e-mail and did so within hours rather than taking days!

Haven't had a single problem with the EA90 SL since purchasing. Probably have 2000-2500mi on them since November. The rear freewheel is pretty loud and the stiffness makes the ride a bit more harsh than my last wheelset. I live in a hilly area, so I appreciate the 300g drop in weight over my previous wheelset. If I'd known how successful my cycling weight-loss program was going to be, I might have opted for the EA90 SLX or Williams System 19 wheels instead...

socalrider 08-29-09 05:47 AM

there are many wheelsets where they state there is no weight limit but you find out later that low spoke count wheels for someone who is 190 vs 260 are not as reliable.. The only low spoke wheelset I could recommend would be the the Cane Creek Volos XL's, they were made specifically for clydes..

They are tough to find but sets can be found on ebay and Cane Creek still supports them even though they are now out of the road wheel business..

Saint1970 08-30-09 10:15 AM

thanks bro, I have the fulcum 7's now so I think I may try the SL's--thanks

paw888 08-31-09 08:55 AM

I have been riding with EA90 Aeros the past 4 months - no issues at all and I love the wheels. I shyed away from the carbon wheels even though Easton states there are no weight restrictions.

IAmCosmo 08-31-09 02:21 PM

I have a friend who rides Easton wheels (sorry not sure the model number). I believe they are 20/24 spoke wheels. He's about 270 (down from 330) and he has no complaints with the wheels.

Bigboxeraf 08-31-09 06:51 PM

I'v3 got months and just under 2000 Miles on a pair of EA90 aeros. Love them just brought them to the shop to have em checked out. They were perfectly fine. My ride has some pretty bone shaking pockmarke d and potholed pavement. I was going to get the SL's but I decided to be cautious. I love em. I can't say anything about the carbon. I have no need for a carbon wheelset.......Yet.

Wogster 08-31-09 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by Saint1970 (Post 9577301)
Has anyone purchased the new Easton wheels-- they claim there is no weight limit. I am interested in the EA 90slx or EA 90sl's or any of the carbon models

I don't know about anyone else, but the idea of a Clyde on plastic rimmed wheels, even carbon fibre reinforced ones, is just too scary to contemplate. Maybe on a track or race course that has been beautifully maintained and is smoother then a newborns bottom. For road use, with some of the cracked, broken, cratered and sunk in paving around here, I could trash a set with a ride around the block, and I am not that much of a Clyde.

Herbie53 08-31-09 09:28 PM

A fellow Clyde in one of the groups I ride with on occasion rides these.

He seems happy with them. Only minus I've noticed is he sounds like he's riding a 737. I looked into them.. they are spendy and weigh the same or more than the aluminum Eastons.

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