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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Picking new bike

I am new to the forum, but have read quiet a bit through here, and being that I have been looking for a bike for a few months now, I realise what I'm about to ask will probably make a lot of people say here we go again.

I am 200+ lbs and 5"5 in weight and need a bike, I am asking for advice on picking through some, I can't afford to buy anything above $300 which will leave me with a bicycle that will probably leave a lot to be desired I realise that, but it will most likely be better than the one I got at walmart for $70 which has egg shaped wheels (not good).

I've been looking through amazon and have these in mind right now, please give me opinions and sugestions on these bicycles, also how do I know that they will safely handle my weight? Keep in mind that I don't know where to start looking (brands, sizes...), my need for transportation isn't extreme, this is a way for me to get from A to B more times than not in paved roads, trips less than 3 miles, and probably be used once or twice a day, there are a lot of elevations in this town also.

Bike 1

Bike 2
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there is a denali thread over on the commuter forum. good luck in your search.
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In my area we have Dick's Sporting Goods. I was able to pick up a hybrid Diamondback Insight 1 for about 250.

Look around for something like that. Try to buy in a store, or used online if at all possible, especially if you are inexperienced with sizing. The sizes are not uniform and what may fit you from one co. will not from another. Also, even at Dicks, they have a repair group, and I got a 100 mile tune-up for free with purchase. This would have cost me 50 bucks or so if I bought a bike on my own online. Add that into the cost if you buy through amazon.

Also, if you buy a bike online, you will have to put it together yourself, and most would recommend you take it to a shop to verify that everything is installed correctly, that could be another 50 dollars.

So that bike that was cheaper may actually be more expensive in just a few months if you can't do your own maintenance.

Just some stuff to think about.

Let us know what city you are in or near, maybe there is a shop in your area that sells some affordable bikes that will give good service.
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That Denali is the biggest piece of junk I've ever seen. I'd rather see someone ride one of those $75 MGX bikes they sell at Wal-Mart than one of those. The handlebars on it scare me the most. To put those twist shifters on the bars, they cut the bars apart and then bolt them back together. You can't tell me that doesn't significantly weaken them...
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Here we go again...

Naw just joking with you , welcome to the forums!

The two bikes you picked out are...well...slightly glorified X-mart bicycle shaped objects. GMC is made by Kent who supplies the lion's share of all X-mart bikes. I assure you, General Motors has absolutely nothing to do with this bicycle, other than wh0ring it's name out to lure unsuspecting shoppers into thinking this is something special.

Anyways, you most defiantly can buy yourself a good brand name bike that is professionally built at a bike shop and stay within your budget. Especially this time of year as the bike shops are starting to clear out the 09s to make room for the new line up. For around $300 you should be able to pick up a left over Trek 3300, Raleigh Mojave 2.0, or Specialized Hardrock. These bikes are all just about the same component wise, test ride them and see which one you like best. Yes, getting into the "real" bike market is expensive. Especially if you are not certain you are going to stick it out. My advice is this, go to a bike shop and start test riding bikes. Ride ones that are right in your price range, and a couple that are right above to give you a feel for the different styles and components. Don't even bother asking about a dual suspension bike, you won't touch a bike shop quality dual suspension bike for less than 1k...and even those aren’t so great. Now you're probably wondering why the entry level dual suspension bike at the bike shop is over 1k and X-mart sells duallys for +,- $70. That's because the X-mart one has a boat anchor of a frame, suspension that is far too soft to be of any use, and outright dangerous geometry. If you read the fine print in the owners manual of that toy bike it will even outright say that the bike is for on-road use only. That is not the case with the bike shop bike.

You can also look used, you didn't indicate what city you live in, but utilize google and look up bike shops and bike co-ops in your area. If you can find a decent co-op SCORE! Get your butt down there and build your own bike. It will cost you a little bit of nothing but you will learn how to build and fix your own custom bike while saving yourself oodles of cash. Co-Ops tend to be in larger cities though, if not you can check out the used section in the bike shop. It will be considerably cheaper than new and the shop employees can at least fit you to the bike.

good luck

BTW, how much is 5'5'' in weight?
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Originally Posted by bautieri View Post
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Anyways, you most defiantly can buy yourself a good brand name bike that is professionally built at a bike shop and stay within your budget.
I agree. Almost anyone that rides more than twice per week that has gotten the type of new bike that you are describing runs into trouble in the first month or so, and usually ends up getting another bike a lot sooner than they thought.

Lots of people complain about how heavy they are, but that is no big deal to me. The things that wear out, and are a real pain to replace or fix on those bikes are the wheels (hubs and rims), brakes, brake/shifting cables, sometimes the cranks, and the little items like handlebar cork/pads, the saddle, and the seat post.

I say get a name-brand used bike. Lots of bike shops fix them up and sell them these days in the price range that you are looking at.

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KHS makes a couple of cheap Urban Express type hybrids - one of them in steel that are very good value @ 489 list but cheaper at store usually and Kona's Dew series @ 469 consistently have better components than same price point from other makers. Look for these used or end of season sales.
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John Bailey
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Both the Trek Hybrid (7000 series) and the Trek Comfort (Navigator sereis) have bikes with a list price in the mid $300's. I'm sure that the other brands have similar price points. I like working with a bike shop because of all the other services you get from them. Buying new, even though you are buying at the lower end, from a bike shop will give you all kinds of help when you need it from the bike shop. The key is to find a good bike shop.

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