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</intolerance> 09-20-09 06:34 PM

Sold on Brooks; Something similar, but lighter?
My lovely wife got me a Brooks B17 standard for our anniversary. It is awesome and was comfortable right out of the box for me.

I put it on my commuter bike and won't ever put anything else on it. The problem is, it is fairly heavy and I'm not sure I want to weigh my race bike down that much. I understand it is just a small percentage of the bikes overall weight, but now that I am nearing my goal weight, I am more concerned with overall weight.

So my question is this: Do any of you who ride a B17 have lighter race saddles that are comfortable for you as well?

Wanderer 09-20-09 08:18 PM

After some shrinkage myself, I don't even consider something added to my bike as "weight." Me and the bike, weigh 240#, what's a few more gonna do to me???????

meanwhile 09-20-09 08:35 PM

If you want to get fanatical, Brooks make some of their saddles with Ti rails. This is the only way to save weight to a trad leather saddle. You'll spend a lot to save a minute amount of weight this way - and it won't make any difference at all to your speed.

IAmCosmo 09-20-09 08:36 PM

Weight is overrated. A 120# pure climber may be able to tell a difference between one component and another that is a few grams heavier, but 99.9999% of the population can't.

That includes each and every one of us in the Clydesdale forum...

Saltybeagle 09-20-09 09:14 PM

get a b17 imperial, the cutout weight savings!

ggriffinslo 09-20-09 09:14 PM

I've seen a cut down B17 on the riv bike site. Same saddle, but less leather.

Wanderer 09-20-09 09:28 PM

If I weighed 150, riding a 17# bike, it might matter ---- but, who am I trying to kid??? LOL

190, with a 50# bike ---- the seat weight won't affect me much; but, the comfort of the Brooks, sure does.....

CliftonGK1 09-20-09 09:32 PM

B15 Ti rails == 360g

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