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NUTNDUN 09-28-09 03:46 PM

Picked up my first new to me roadie.
Hey gang,
I picked up my first new to me road bike this past weekend. It is a 2003 Cannondale r2000 si. I paid $700 for it. It is probably worth a little more then that but I'm not sure but it was barely ridden by previous owner and it cleaned up like brand new with one tiny stone chip in the paint on the fork and one even smaller ding in the top tube. It is all ultegra components and a dura ace rear derailleur. I rode it 6 miles on friday night after we had gotten home with it and then I rode it with Neil aka "The Historian" and my wife on Sunday for almost 9 mile and both of those rides I was impressed with how fast it seemed compared to the mountain bike with slicks. I wanted to also make mention that it was nice meeting Neil for the first time, we were going to meet for another ride in Harrisburg but the weather didn't play nicely so he made his way down this way and we went for a nice little ride through Boiling Springs.

The only issue is it is only a double front crank and I commuted with it today. It is about 7 mile one way on the commute and the ride in this morning wasn't bad and I did make good time even though it didn't seem like I did. I made it in about 25 minutes. For some reason today my legs didn't seem to want to loosen up and I am still working on getting the bike setup.

The rode home was the hard one. I stretched the ride out a different way to 10.49 mile with 152' of climb. I don't know what my average speed was or anything but all I can say is pretty much any of the climbs had to be done out of the seat. That double on the front kicks your butt. I left work around 4:25 and got home at 5. It seemed like it wasn't till half way that my legs finally loosened up so I don't know what I did to them. The other thing that made it tough is it seemed no matter what direction I was going there was a major head wind, the weather is showing 10-15 mph.

I hope I get used to it and get better with it but I have a feeling I might be either putting a triple on it or changing the rear cassette or something to get a little lower gearing. Good thing is I think I have it pretty much set for seat height and the handle bar angle, now I just need to mess with the seat tilt a little bit.

I posted about it in the roadie forum but I guess since it isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread it didn't get any attentioin. Here are a few pics the night I got it home and got her all cleaned up. I also lost 2 pounds since friday so it seems I am doing alright with the diet.

Grumparoo 09-28-09 04:39 PM

I think you got one heckuva deal! Looking at bikepedia the msrp on that was over $2000, and that was with an Ultegra rear derailer.

Here's my two cents as far as your gearing: I would first change the cassette, and if you still didn't have a low enough ratio, switch the front to a compact double. Personally, I would avoid a triple. I have yet to find a hill I can't handle on my compact double. Granted, I'm in Kansas, but there are still some steep, if short, hills here.

Anyway, great find, congrats!

Jersh 09-28-09 05:11 PM

Nice looking bike there... I agree with Grumparoo, try a cassette change first. I recently bought my first ever road bike as well, and it has a compact double on it. The first few rides I definitely regretted NOT getting a triple, however within a couple weeks of riding, hills that at first seemed impossible, are now very doable, and I'm even able to climb most of the hills in my area on the 2 or 3 rear sprocket.

NUTNDUN 09-28-09 06:41 PM

I did really good on my mileage today. After I the wife got home we went for another ride and logged another 12.5 mile so I am right about 30 mile for the day. This ride this evening I climbed a couple of hills sitting down and it wasn't too bad. I can see me getting better with it so I may just leave it alone for now and make myself get better with it. I think the msrp on it was originally 2495 but I forget where I seen it.

Before I went to pick it up on Friday I stopped at the lbs to get another head light and tail light and while I was there I wanted to get their opinion on what size road bike frame I should be on and they sell cannondale so I figured it would be close. They had me stand over a 58cm and pull up till it was tight and there was maybe 3" under the front wheel and they told me I should be on a 60 or a 58 if I wanted a sleeker fit. From everything that I read told me that even a 56 may be pushing it. This one was a 56 and I test road it and am glad I got it because I believe it is the right size.

RatedZeroHero 09-28-09 06:48 PM

what did you replace? a MTB? don't fret the double ring yet... it will take some getting used to...

if you came from a MTB that double will make you fast!!!

love it!

beautiful with the light blue anodized with those wheels!!!

H O T !!!

NUTNDUN 09-28-09 07:09 PM

It's not really replacing anything. I wanted a road bike for the nice weather commutes and for doing longer group rides and what not. I still plan on mountain biking and even still using the mtb to commute to break things up once in a while and the gary fisher is going to be the winter commuter.

CFXMarauder 09-28-09 08:09 PM

:thumb: X 100

Tom Stormcrowe 09-28-09 08:40 PM

Sweet ride! Only advice I'd give you is to keep on top of those wheels truing and spoke tension. Take care of them and you should have no issues, though.

old and new 09-28-09 09:18 PM

Nice Bike !! I agree with the other fellows here, those little gears in the back make a BIG difference. Going even from 25 to 28 .. or ... to 32 is huge.

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