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Big Lug 10-16-09 03:09 PM

Cycle computer that can hook up to a PC
I am looking for a Cycle computer that can do pretty much everything. But what i was wondering was is there one that you could hook up to a PC and have it show graphs / charts / data / etc.??

RedC 10-16-09 03:22 PM

Garmin Edge

Tall Cool One 10-16-09 03:31 PM

I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 with a cadence/speed attachment and removeable handlebar adaptor/wrist strap for my bike. It does anything you would want excluding power readings.

A few of its finer points...

All kinds of data graphs

If you download Google Earth you can view your route on Google Earth complete with data at every recording point on the route. It's pretty impressive

You can use the GF305 for any cardio activity from running/hiking/cycling/elliptical/swimming(I think)/etc.

All kinds of displays available while you are exercising

It's become relatively inexpensive.

Hill-Pumper 10-16-09 03:47 PM

If you don't need the GPS, the Sigma 9.0 ROX is a nice one too.

flip18436572 10-16-09 07:31 PM

Garmin Forerunner 305 is what I have and use.

Missbumble 10-16-09 07:37 PM


Originally Posted by Hill-Pumper (Post 9871253)
If you don't need the GPS, the Sigma 9.0 ROX is a nice one too.

Also - If you buy one buy it form a place you can return it. I am on my 4th computer (they all seem to die on me). Just bought the Sigma 9.0 ROX! I am looking forward to downloading the info to the PC... has everything :
Cadence, Altitude, % Grade, HR Etc! Price at REI was 250 less 20% one day discount so I spent 200. WHich is alot - but I just keep returning it and upgrading.....Maybe this one will last...This is my first Sigma. The pother ones were : VD2 and VD3 and a cateye.

Redskin8006 10-16-09 08:21 PM

+1 Garmin Edge. I picked one up on sale at REI a few months ago. Great piece of gear. I'm a Mac user so I use a software package called Ascent to upload my ride data and display graphs and maps.

TrekJapan 10-16-09 09:11 PM

+1 on Ascent on the Mac. Use my Garmin Edge 705 with mine and it's awesome.


moose67 10-17-09 02:29 PM

If you're a tmobile customer you can use the Google G1 phone and a program called Ridetrac. It allows you to track your ride showing elevation differences and speed differences. You can also export the ride into Google Earth and show the ride map.

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