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Cachequatch 10-16-09 05:54 PM

Felt z85 for 220 pounder
Calling all clydes! Hello there! I have been looking around this forum area for a while now looking for advice.. lots of great ideas and opinions here! For a sport that caters to the lighter sorts of people its good to find an area that includes us bigger guys!

A little about me; I used to weigh about 320, I played some college football, and played a year of arena after college... I decided it was time to lighten up a bit and take some weight off my frame.. It has been a year now and I'm down to 220! I credit cycling and eating healthier to my weight loss...

That being said.. I've achieved much of the loss to mountain biking and an old steel Raleigh road bike. Now, after completing the MS 150 ride (my first century) I decided its time for an upgrade.. I have ridden the allez elite and the felt z85. I really really liked the z85... It has a longer top tube which will accomodate my longer upper body, and with 105 gruppo it seems pretty legit for 1150.

Any opinions on felt brand as a whole, ie, does the z series seem like a frame set that will accomodate a 220 pounder who still mashes like he was 300? lol

Any input would be great! Keep up the great work fellas (and ladies)!

10 Wheels 10-16-09 05:57 PM

Get The Felt.
I have 20,000 miles on my Felt F-80 bought March 2008.
I am 200 + lbs.

I did go to 36 spoke wheels.

Cachequatch 10-16-09 05:59 PM

great looking bike! 20k in a year and a half? awesome!

Cachequatch 10-16-09 06:00 PM

Here's what I'm looking at.. can't beat the look test!

10 Wheels 10-16-09 06:04 PM

Nice! Go for it.
Mine was on sale for $800. I didn't by it for the yellow color.

Homeyba 10-16-09 06:06 PM

The frame is the last thing you will need to worry about. It'll easily handle your weight. Get the bike, ride it a couple hundred miles then take it in and have them re-tension the wheels. You should be a happy camper after that!

Cachequatch 10-16-09 06:08 PM

good advice on the wheels... comes with alex r500's... wheelset was a problem on the raleigh.. beat the crap out of some crap aluminum weinmans.. how do the alex's hold up? I've heard mixed reviews..

10 Wheels 10-16-09 06:11 PM

My front wheel had the hub crack at one spoke hole.
12,500 miles on it in one year, at the time of the crack.
Felt gave me a new wheel.

Cachequatch 10-16-09 06:12 PM

wow, thats one great return policy!

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