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Charles Ramsey 10-18-09 01:57 PM

how to build a zero dish wheel
Here is a photo of a zero dish wheel that I built and put 20000 miles on. The wheel was loaded with 165 pounds through out the 20000 miles there were no broken spokes on this wheel. It uses 8 cogs with nine cog spacing on a cassette made for 7 cogs. Here is one way to modify a cog to place it 1.78 mm closer to the spokes the splines have been cut deaper to allow it to fit on the cassette like this My new wheel uses a shimano spline brake hub this hub moves the bearing out 5 mm on the spline side putting less stress on the axle. this best shimano hub for clydesdales is the 6 bolt brake hub it moves the bearing out 10 mm placing even less stress on the axle. The new wheel also uses DT alpine spokes This wheel survived being hit by a truck there was no detectable deformation of the spokes or the hub I replaced the rim and have put an additional 5000 miles on this wheel.

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