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Crazy88s 10-31-09 03:07 PM

Ride report from rainy Atlanta
Today was a day of firsts for me:

- First 30 mile ride
- First ride in the rain
- First ride where my muscles felt like absolute jell-o
- First ride where the headwind almost knocked me off my bike

Today was the Gezzo's 30 mile (60 mile RT) ride for breast cancer. Here's the route.

Since the wife was working, I did the ride with a HS classmate. We get there and it was literally the calm before the storm. We got ready and set out around 8:20am. There was an immediate hill and we were off. They claimed to have wanted to keep a speed of 16-17mph but I have an idea that they went faster than that.

As normal, I was in the very back. The ride seemed to be mainly uphill but at least it wasn't raining until the 15th mile and then all hell broke loose. For the last 15 miles, I was soaking wet, riding in rain that was almost blinding. The headwind was the worst. I know people had to think we were the craziest people for riding in the rain but it was fun.

The best part was a comment I got on the ride from another rider. 99% of the riders had road bikes. I have a Trek Navigator 100 which is heavy. The rider said that I get the "man up" award for doing the ride on that bike.

I finished the race a touch under 3 hours. My quads have never been that sore. Even my left butt cheek was 50 types of sore. I could barely move when I got home but a hot shower and a nap helped.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. I love riding.

John Bailey 10-31-09 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by Crazy88s (Post 9960083)

I would do it again in a heartbeat. I love riding.

Best addiction I've ever had. Ain't it great??:D

chunkyd 11-02-09 12:47 AM

Congrats! Likewise..on cycling being a's pretty amazing! :)

TeeSquare 11-02-09 04:53 AM

Great job, that shows real dedication :thumb:

Neil_B 11-02-09 06:22 AM

Congratulations! And I feel your pain, having ridden metric centuries on a Navigator.

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