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macky600 11-27-09 09:49 PM

New Bikes
NEW bikes

My wife and I have been riding beach cruisers. We are
up to 12 miles a day. I should say we are 60+. We are looking
to upgrade. I like the motobecane cafe express 8., because it has
high riser stem and is very mobile and a little speed. does anyone
have any other ideas? Im down to 205 looking for 175 LBS

irclean 11-27-09 11:50 PM

Looks like a competent bike. I like the low-maintenance IGH. You didn't mentioned what type of riding you'd be doing but assuming the beach cruisers fit the bill the Express 8 should handle the duties just fine. As per your request I would offer the Novara Transfer as an alternative. Similarly equipped, but with a few more niceties.

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