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bretgross 11-30-09 06:49 PM

Swobo Jersey
Last week there was a post on the Clydes list about an opportunity for some XL jerseys.
Since I'm clearly a member of the "target market", I was pleased -- as I mentioned, I haven't had a wool jersey since the late '70s.

The package came today and all I can say is... wow.

First, the size is exactly what I'd want in an XL jersey. It's not a 'club fit', but also not baggy.
The fabric and stitching is top notch, and the color is a true 'cranberry'.

I've never owned Swobo products, and I'm a terrible 'consumer' 'cause I don't shop very much. But I've never had a better quality jersey. Thanks to Tim Parr for letting us know about their sale!

I can't wait until tomorrow to wear it on a ride....

CB HI 11-30-09 07:34 PM

I just got my two jerseys as well. Swobo actually does American sizing. For those that wear a size between XL and 2XL by other makers, these are the perfect fit.

Since I also bought wool leg and arm warmers at the same time (with the free shipping over $100 deal), seems both Swobo and myself got good deals out of each other.

bigtempo 12-01-09 01:44 AM

I got mine today as well. My XL came a little snug, but I am dropping weight anyway. Even more incentive to lose now. Quality stuff

Saltybeagle 12-04-09 07:35 AM

Mine came in this week as well, the merino wool one fits great, but the synthetic is too small in my opinion, it is European mini person sized.

bretgross 12-04-09 08:30 AM

Ahh, wool.
After a couple of short (+/-20 miles) rides with temps in the low 60s, I remember why I loved these back in the day: better insulation than others, and you don't turn to a popsicle after a rest stop.

It's the Goldilocks thing: "Just right!"

CliftonGK1 12-04-09 09:48 AM

I'll have to check out Swobo's stuff. I've been buying Woolistic for all my wool jerseys, and at 6'6" and 225 pounds I'm just about the top end of the fit for their 3XL.

d4c4c8 12-04-09 05:48 PM

I think pictures would be appropriate ;)

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