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mthayer 12-02-09 05:24 PM

Got a couple questions here
I have a few questions that I would like to ask. I am new to riding, been riding for a over a month now, and I havent lost any weight. I have been increasing my rides, and ride times when possible. I am a pescotarian, vegetarian who eats fish. I eat healthy, quit using tabacco, but Im still confused why I havent dropped any weight. Any ideas out there?

The next question is, I just bought an older trek road bike. The guy I bought it from supposably trued the wheels, but I put 43 miles on the bike and there are spokes that real loose. I dont know if it will screw anything up if I keep riding it. I dont know if I can really trust him as a mechanic but he is willing to work on the time that I can drop stuff off to him. Should I have him rework the wheel, or what. It is a 27 1/4 wheel.

10 Wheels 12-02-09 05:30 PM

Take the wheels to a bike shop for truing.
I had to ride 4200 miles to loose 28 lbs.

Losing weight is about calories In, calories Burned.

mkadam68 12-02-09 05:31 PM

To be simplistic: calories in, calories out. You're either eating more than you think, or you're body isn't expending as many you think. If you're on flat roads, going relatively slow, you might not be burning many calories. Plus, when we exercise, our body's become more efficient, so they don't burn as many as they used to. Then of course, we eat more 'cause we get hungry 'cause we're burning more.

As for the wheels... Is there a wobble in them? Are they out of true? If not, the back wheel's non-drive side spokes can often seem to be too loose. But they're just balancing out the tension from the drive-side spokes. In the end, if it's not out of true, don't fret.

DieselDan 12-02-09 05:40 PM

Has the fit of your clothing changed? You may convert mass before shedding pounds. I did. I dropped to a 44 waist, from a 48, before I lost weight. Now I'm at a 40 and even thinner, that is compared to what I was.

steve0257 12-02-09 05:57 PM

Weight loss isn't the only thing to look at. I started riding again last spring and over the summer I gained 5 pounds. I also lost four inches off my waist size and my sleep apnea went away. went from 250 with a 40" waist to 255 with a 36" waist.

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