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jtsin67 12-09-09 09:17 PM

Looking for feedback on Shimano c24 wheelset
Wondering if anyone in the 200+ range is/has used shimano's c24 clincher wheelset. Specifically the dura ace 7850's. Looking at potentially buying a set and have been told they should be OK for heavier rider but better to check with users if at all possible!

Homeyba 12-09-09 11:50 PM

I can't speak specifically to the new DA wheels, I have a much older set. Like any other wheel, if they are built by someone who knows what they are doing they will be fine. When mine were new I busted a spoke not too long, maybe a year, after I got them. I had them rebuilt by my local wheel guy and they lasted about 6 years with no problem. I'm in the 230-240lb range and ride 8k-10k miles per year. I wouldn't be afraid of them but if you get them I suggest you put a couple hundred miles on them and then take them to a really good wheel builder and have them gone through and re-tensioned. You should have a good reliable wheelset after that.

youcoming 12-10-09 07:28 AM

I have a set of the 7850-50mm clinchers and have had no issues at all. I wouldn't worry about it, I too am in the 230-240 range. I have actually found mine to be very, very good, they are super stiff, wind up fast and you can't say enough about DA hubs. Saying that if you are looking for lightweight these are not the wheels for you.

jtsin67 12-10-09 09:22 AM

Thanks for both of your comments. I'm pushing 220 and downwards and have just put a set of RS80's on my bike while i waited (these are going on my wifes shortly) and am quite impressed with the wheels. Hubs should be the only difference and as long as i am hearing this feedback i am confident to take the plunge. I like the idea of finding someone to tune them after a run-in period, makes good sense.

jtsin67 01-30-10 07:09 PM

Finally bought the c24's. SO far about 500k's on them and i am quite pleased. The roads i ride a relatively smooth but now and then some ruts have given me reason to look down and check for the wobble - none so far. Wheels run very smooth, certainly were light when installing and i think have added to the pleasure of riding!

jtsin67 02-25-12 02:11 PM

They've not missed a beat. Have bought a second set (7900) that are on my wife's bike now. I also bought 303 tubs but found the c24's are my preferred for most of my riding. So i recommend them highly, they've withstood my 220lbs through some good and bad roads and are still close to perfectly true. Only issue is the spokes have oxidised so the black coating tends to come off here and there.

volosong 02-25-12 02:32 PM

An old thread, I realize. I have been running a set of Dura-Ace WH-7850-C24-CL clinchers for the past year and they have performed flawlessly. My weight hovers between 205 and 210. Even though they have 20 spokes rear and 16 front, they are strong wheels. They are fairly lightweight too, right at 1350 grams for the set. I like them so much that I recently purchased a set of Ultegra wheels for "training wheels". Pretty much the same as the D-A, but a little heavier.

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