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b1ker 01-25-10 05:21 PM

Clyde planning on surgery...
Hi guys/ I know a few of you have had RNY surgery.
Question - how long after surgery before you started riding again?
I am going under the knife on the 10th of March - IDEAL START OF THE SEASON here in the Northeast...

Kamala 01-25-10 05:48 PM

Quality day for weight-loss surgery! Had my lapband installed March 10, 2009. I was back on the bike in 3-4 weeks, but my understanding is that lapband is much less invasive than RNY. I'm generally of the opinion that you should talk to your doc and listen to what he has to say on the matter. If you're feeling your oats sooner than he initially thought you should be back on the bike, check in with him and see if you can be cleared. Even with lapband I had fairly frequent follow-ups in the weeks after surgery, so lots of chances to check-in.

turtlewoman 01-27-10 06:30 AM

Hurray for you b1kr. I just went to my seminar. My insurance requires three months supervision before they will approve the surgery. So I'm waiting for the nurse from the insurance to contact me to get started.
Kamala, how much weight have you lost after your lapband?

Forgot to say I'm planning on the lap band.

Kamala 01-27-10 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by turtlewoman (Post 10324331)
Kamala, how much weight have you lost after your lapband?

Checked in with Doc at 369 (started at 396), 340 on surgery day, down 254 as of today. So 115 w/in band process (pre-surgery diet and such), and 86# with the band and still rocking. Hoping to make it even 100 by my surgery anniversary, but that might be ambitious.

b1ker 02-02-10 05:23 PM

Great to hear that Kamala. Best of luck to you turtlewoman as well.
I started over a year ago - going to informational sessions - weighing in on the plusses and minuses...
I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I have been heavy my entire adult life.
Thanx for vote of confidence.

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