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cooleric1234 01-25-10 07:48 PM

Zip-off jackets for tall guys
First of all, I'm 6'5" and 190 lbs. Tall and mostly skinny. It's quite hard getting clothing that fits well for cycling. So far Aerotech is about it. I've got a long torso and arms. I love to commute by bike, but living here in Denver I routinely have a 30 degree temperature swing from when I leave in the morning to when I come back at night. I don't like taking separate clothing, so I try to layer.

What would really help is a wind jacket and a fleece jacket with zip-off sleeves. I haven't found any online for tall people. I've thought of modifying some myself or paying a seamstress, but that might be problematic. It seems to me that zippers need extra length to baste the two halves together before sewing in a zipper. Any garment that fits well around the torso won't have extra length in the sleeves. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Longissimus 01-30-10 10:19 PM

Cannondale just came out with a cool jacket that has magnets inside the fabric. You can tear the sleeves off and put them right back on without even getting out of the saddle. About $110. I'm 6'5" 225 and tried one on at the LBS and the XL fit great.

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